Three Process of Social Media Marketing

As the world evolves, the way of marketing products and services also improves. Today, we are able to embrace the real benefits of social media to various businesses. During the launch of social media, its main reason would be to connect people from different parts of the globe. Yet, as people begin to revolutionize, social media was given another face. It is due to its great help in the marketing strategies of several businesses. With its proper use, more and more people can be able to acknowledge a certain product or service. As with the smart online marketers, they came up with a three part procedure to optimize the efficiency of social media marketing. Learn more at

Social Media Marketing

The concept is referred to as SAM. SAM stands for Strategic Planning, Authorship and lastly, Mechanics.

Just like any project, it all starts with a good plan. Hence, the first part is strategic planning. Remember that any campaign of social networking relates to the business’ marketing, public relations and advertising strategy. For most situations, social media marketing Melbourne can be the replacement or a part or the entire traditional means of advertising. Often, executives and entrepreneurs got their own insight of marketing, public relations and plans of the advertisement. However, it is rarely micromanage of deployment and development plans.

The next part is authorship. In this part, the work should be original and coming from the real executive of the business. There are many customers who are looking for businesses where there real executives of the business relates to them. This made customers feel that their insight matters to the owners. Take for examples the blogs or social media accounts of the celebrities. If the followers or supporters are aware that it was their idol who took time to say their appreciation for the love and support of the fans, loyalty can be ensured. It must show authenticity and transparency that it is really the executives who maintain the account or profile.

The third part is known as the mechanics. This is the part that would consume lots of time. Usually, this part is delegated to another person other than the executives. This includes posting of contents and at times also doing the comments.

Application of SAM

Like what mentioned above, the process begins with a solid plan. It is best to determine the target market of your specific product or service that you wish to market then create a plan how to connect with them. After such, the executives will be writing the contents so it will be ready for distribution. Having the plan and the original contents on hand, day to day mechanics will come next.

Knowing that the world today often rely on the internet, it can still be hard to keep up with the market. Hence, the use of social media can truly be of great advantage to be maximized by any entrepreneurs so as to ensure that the company will be able to establish the required rapport to attract as much customers as possible.

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