The Steps for Learning How to Pick a Lock

Usually when you think about picking a lock you immediately associate the skill with theft.  But being able to pick a lock has a lot more honesty and functionality than you might think.  Lock picking skills can get you out of a lot of emergency situations because you can easily escape any building or even the trunk of a car should you fall victim to a kidnapping.  You also gain a lot more security when you are able to pick a lock since you can always get into your home or vehicle even when you lose your keys and you can always help out others when they forget their keys.

Is it legal to pick a lock?

Lock picking is completely legal as long as you are not using your skills for criminal intendancies.  If you use your skills to get yourself or others out of trouble or if you use your skills to gain access to your own premises then it is completely legal.  Entering other peoples private property is illegal but helping the owners of the property enter their own property is also perfectly legal.

The Steps for Learning How to Pick a Lock

Step one – Get a lock picking set

In the movies you can use a paperclip to pick any lock.  But real life lock picking is a lot trickier and requires specific tools. Different locks also require you to use different types of tools and different types of techniques.  If you are serious about learning how to pick a lock you will need a lock picking set.  Picker of Locks is a great website to scout for some of the best lock picking sets because the site hosts reviews on all of the best lock picking kits that are currently available.  You can check out the different types of locks, compare their prices and find out about their functionality from the reviews.

Step two – Visit this site

Picker of Locks is the perfect website to visit if you want to learn how to pick a lock.  The website has some terrific tutorials on how to pick different types of locks.  The tutorials are quick and easy to understand.

Step three – Choose the type of lock

As said before, different lock types requires different tools.  You will also need different techniques for the different locks.  It is best to start off with a simple lock type like a padlock for your first attempts.  Watch the video tutorial on the lock carefully and then get ready for your picking session.

Step four – Practice makes perfect

Lock picking requires a lot of patience.  The interior of locks are incredibly delicate and it is tough to get a lock to open when you cannot see what is happening on the inside of the lock.  Once you mastered the maneuvering required for opening the lock you should practice it over and over again until you can open the lock quickly.

Step five – Practice on different locks

It doesn’t help much to know only one or two locks since you never know which locks will come across your path.  Learning how to pick a great variety of locks is a must if you want to be an expert in the field of lock picking.

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