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How do you correct bad breath?

Breath odour is the most common and embarrassing oral problem suffered by people, irrespective of their age group.  Imagine if you are visiting your relative’s place or attending any official meeting, and you have smelly breath problem. It will certainly, let down your reputation and put you in a truly awkward position.  It becomes worst when someone stats, “you have bad breath”.

People suffering with breath odour usually ponder how to fix this problem and is there is any perpetual solution to this snag? Positive side of this problem is it does not bother you much while getting rid of it and consumes hardly few minutes. There are some simple tricks which can help you to remove all the pins causing this issue and provide you instant fresh breath. However, before analyzing these tricks one should be aware of the causes behind breath odour. If you know the cause, you are 50% safe from this issue.

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What are the causes for Breath Odour?

Usually, people believe stats but on reality check it is not that easy to evaluate exact percentage of people suffering with breath odour as most of the patients do not report them to the dentists. However, stats shows large number of cases suffering with this problem is due to the other related oral problems i.e. gum diseases, cavities, plaque, etc. More specifically, when you eat something, food particles get stuck in the teeth gaps and results in excessive breath odour.

Also, if you are suffering from some other diseases such as diabetes, liver infection, Respiratory tract infection, etc then you are prone to get smelly breath. In certain cases, patients do not suffer with teeth related issues neither they have unclean tongue; still they suffer with breath odour. In such cases, they need to visit dental professionals immediately and proceed with proper medications.

How to prevent breath odour?

Below are basic fixing tips on how to you correct bad breath, which can eliminate breath odour problem for sure:

  • Oral Hygiene: You must follow oral hygiene and do all the mouth cleaning activities on daily basis with proper recommended technique. This will pull out breath odour from your body for sure.
  • Visit Dentists: you must visit your dentist in every 6 months.
  • Brushing: Mostly, people do not invest adequate time to brush their teeth. It is advised to use a timer based electric toothbrush. You must clean your teeth twice a day for two minutes minimum.
  • Mouth Washes: You can also use some mouth washes which will protect your teeth from cavities as well as whiffy breath. Always prefer some well known brands for mouth wash.
  • Dink Water: After the meal, breath odour problem occurs very quickly. In case, you cannot brush right after your meal then you must drink water in large quantity.
  • Avoid Much Coffee: Coffee has a very pungent smell which transforms in equally pungent breath odour after certain time. You should either avoid coffee or start replacing it with herbal or green tea.
  • Smoke, Alcohol and Tobacco: you should also avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and tobacco chewing as they are also responsible for stinking breath.
  • Sugar Free Gums: You can chew these gums to avoid breath odour. They are quite effective
  • Mint: When you are using sugar free mints, you should know it is a temporary solution and does not kill/remove bacteria.

What to Eat?

You might have noticed that whatever you eat, you exhale the same. Hence, it is always advised by doctors to consume a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. If you are taking diet foods and less carbs diet, be prepared as it will surely results in breath odour. Prefer eating watery vegetable, raw carrot and apple slices. They are highly effective in emasculating breathing and oral issues.


Breath odour is a major concern but it simply needs some of the conscious and smart moves, a proper diet and a regular oral hygiene routine to procure a 100% fresh breath and Zero oral problems.