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Four Essential Hiking Tools

So, imagine this: you’re out on your favorite hiking trail when suddenly you get lost. It is situations like these you must be prepared for. You do not want to be stuck in a situation like this with no tools to help you out. A smart hiker will always carry all necessary tools that could mean the difference between life and death.

Although, you might think that you will rarely even need to use these tools. That is true, however, they can be very handy if any dangerous situation arises.

Here are four essential hiking tools every hiker should have on him when he ventures out into the unknown:

Hunt Deer
Hunt Deer

Navigation Tools:

It is easy to get lost amongst trees that look exactly alike. You will find many chances of getting lost whether you are on a mountain trail or passing through a canyon. Finding your way back to your camp or track might be hard. However, if you have the essential navigation tools on hand, it can be easy. A map and a compass are the basic navigation tools. You should know how to read a map and have a good sense of direction.

Nowadays, GPS has become the new high-tech tool for navigating your way through the wilderness. However, GPS runs on batteries while a compass does not. That is why it is highly recommended to learn how to use a compass. You should always keep a map of where you are going.

Fire Starter Supplies:

When you are out in the wilderness, it does not matter how hot the weather is during the day. It will eventually get freezing cold in the night. So, if you want to avoid freezing to death, it is recommended that you should take fire starting lessons. You should carry matches that are waterproof. A mechanical lighter can come in handy as well.

A Firestarter can be helpful in starting a fire, as building one from old conventional methods take a lot of time. They can help you get started with a fire in minutes.

Illumination Tools:

Darkness can be your enemy. Predators are mostly equipped with night vision while us humans are not. It would be easy for an animal to attack us. In addition, if you are going up a mountain trail or in a forest, it is recommended to illuminate your path. This will help you avoid tripping on the rough forest floor or the rocky mountains.

Headlamps are the most popular because they free your hands to do other tasks. A flashlight or a packable lantern are also preferred. Just make sure they have enough battery.

Hunting Knives:

A sharp, practical knife can make the difference between life and death. Hunting knives are superior to regular knives because they are sturdier, sharper and stronger. They can cut through thick branches, splitting kindling and skinning any game you manage to catch.

You should always keep a hunting knife close by you, in case if something attacks or you are stuck in an emergency.

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All in all, all these tools are incredibly important if you want to survive a day or night out in the wild.