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How to Set Up an Outdoor Movie Theater

In the 1930’s drive outdoor movie theaters were the best way to enjoy movies. The outdoor movie theaters or drive-in theaters usually involved plenty of takeaways served by waitresses on their roller-skates, plenty of yummy snacks and plenty of laughter.  Drive-in theatres slowly died off when home television sets became more affordable. But luckily this outdoor movie endeavor is slowly starting to become popular again but not in the drive-in form.  Modern projectors are enabling more and more home owners to create outdoor theaters of their own in the back yard and the result is a glorious outdoor party that everyone loves.

How to Set Up an Outdoor Movie Theater

How to set up your own outdoor movie theatre

If you want to get in on the fun of camping out in the back yard while everyone enjoys a few big screen movies then you can definitely read on and learn how to set up your own outdoor movie theatre.

Step 1 – Buy a projector

The projector is going to be the most expensive piece of equipment that you will need.  On HTP Reviews you can check out the best home theater projectors on the market.  This review site will give you info on all the pros and cons of each projector as well as the picture quality and the projector capability.

Step 2 – Buy speakers

If you have speakers that you can use then great but if you are buying then look for corresponding wireless speakers so everyone can hear properly and so there will be no wire hassles while you are setting up your outdoor movie theatre.

Step 3 – The movie screen

Next you will need to either buy or make your own movie screen.  A white painted wall is all you need for a screen but alternatively you can check out Pinterest for some great DIY movie screen ideas, some of which are waterproof and UV protected.

Step 4 – Get your movies

Now it is time to copy your movies onto a memory stick or to look for content that you can stream online directly through your projector.  The best way to enjoy an outdoor movie theater is by screening a movie marathon.  Look for movie collections like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or the entire Marvel collection.

Step 5 – Send invites

Now that you have all the gear you will need, it is probably time to send out the invites to your fun movie night.

Step 6 – Prepare the snacks

A theater night isn’t a theater night without appropriate snacks.  Stock up on movie snacks like popcorn, hot dogs, chips and dip, food bites, veggie bites, drinks and more so everyone can have a blast during the fun movie night.

Step 7 – Set up your movie theater

Now it is time to set everything up.  Remember to check the weather and then start prepping your back yard.  Set up your projector and speakers and do a proper sound and screen quality test.  Go and look for seating solutions like blankets, cushions and scatter pillows and create a cozy space for everyone to sit.