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Choosing The Right Smoothie Maker

Smoothies have increasingly grown in popularity with time due to the many health benefits they give. Since more and more people are becoming health conscious, many are switching to healthier alternatives of living. Since our health is mostly a reflection of what we eat, it is mandatory that we maintain a healthy nutrition to be healthy. Health is wealth and hence it is worth investing into. With the many smoothie recipes out there, the right smoothie maker will make our dreams come true. Since there are many smoothie makers in the market, knowing what to look out for will make sure you end up with the best smoothie makers. Some of the factors to consider when choosing one include:

Choosing The Right Smoothie Maker

Its usage

A smoothie maker can either be for domestic or commercial use. It has been made that way to suit different needs, for example the one meant for domestic use will not work well for commercial use. The one that has made for commercial use has been made in such a way that it is versatile to withstand longer working hours and rough handling. The usage of the smoothie maker also influences its price as the commercial versions are more expensive.

Frequency of use of the blender

This will influence the quality of the smoothie maker that you will settle on. If you plan on using it often, you may want to go for a high quality blender so that it serves you more. You should however keep in mind that it is not the price that is reflections of the quality of the blender hence don’t base your judgment on price.

Size of the jug

A smoothie maker comes with different sizes of jug; it is not all the same size. If you intend to make a large quantity of smoothie you should consider getting a smoothie maker with a bigger jug. Maybe you can use the size of your household as a guide to this.


Blenders will have different powers and the power is normally measure in watts.  The more the power the stronger the blender will be. Many strong blenders will have a minimum power of 800 watts. It increases the efficiency of you doing your blending as more power means that you blend with ease.

Price of the blender

The price is normally influenced by many factors such as the usage, power it uses, its size as well as quality of the jug used. The brand of the smoothie make will also influence its price. Strong renowned brands are normally more expensive because of market dominance. It’s always better to compare the price with the features of the blender to get the best.


As much as you may have other factors at hand, checking the reviews will give you a preview of the experiences of other customers with the blender and that will help you make an informed decision on the right blender to choose. It will also help you avoid mistakes they made.