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How to Use Maca Powder for Improved Health

Maca powder is one of those exceptional products that is changing the way people stay nourished, energized and healthy.  This unique powder is known as a superfood because it contains so many vitamins and minerals in just a small dosage.  Maca powder is a much healthier alternative to normal multivitamin products because the powder is natural and doesn’t go through as many extraction processes.  The powder has loads of benefits such as a stronger immune system, higher libido, higher energy levels, better skin and generally improved mood.  If you have never heard of this product before then it is definitely time to start seeking more information right now because this product will make all the difference in your personal health.

How is maca powder made?

Maca powder is made from the roots of the maca plant.  These roots are dried and processed into a fine powder that you can consume for improved health.  Maca powder is a lot healthier than alternative supplements because it doesn’t go to extravagant processing and is thus much more natural.  You can buy gelatinized maca powder in packets at just about any online store.


Can maca powder be homemade?

The maca plant is and looks a lot like the radish plant.  If you can get your hands on maca seeds then there should be no reason why you couldn’t make your own powder.  Just be safe when buying the right seeds so you don’t end up with some other variety of the plant which could affect your health negatively.  Maca powder should also be made in a clean and sterile environment so the powder will remain germ and moist free.

Find the right dosage of maca powder

Maca powder can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to this product.  The right way to use maca powder is to start off slowly.  Most people will start off with a quarter of a teaspoon and then increase their daily intake gradually.  One teaspoon a day is the recommended dosage although maca powder shouldn’t be taken every day of the week.  If a teaspoon makes you feel nauseated then you can reduce the dosage a bit.

Different ways to consume maca powder

Maca can be added to just about any food source although it is recommended that the powder shouldn’t be heated too much like with cooking because you can end up destroying the nutritional value of the powder.  You can add maca powder to hot drinks like hot chocolate but should avoid cooking the powder.  Maca powder can also be added to snacks like energy bars, fudge, energy bites, smoothies or even with your breakfast cereal since the taste is very subtle when combined with other foods.

How to improve your skin with maca powder

Maca powder is great for the skin.  To get better skin you should take some maca powder every day and you can use maca powder in a facial mask because the vitamins and minerals will improve your skin instantly.