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An Introduction to Single Screw Extrusion

For those that don’t know what extrusion is, it is a process where products are created when material is forced through a die so that it can form a shape. Thermoplastics are some of the materials that go through the extrusion process. 65% of plastics have been through the extrusion process. Single screw extrusion happens to be the most popular extrusion type, and this is probably because the single screw extrusion machines are relatively cheap, simple, and they readily provide continuous output.

Extrusion and Thermoplastics

When thermoplastics are going through the extrusion process, heat is applied to the material, softening it to make it easier to shape. This heating is referred to as thermal softening, plasticization, or ‘plastication. Single screw machines are the most commonly used in this process, the screw being the one that pushes the material through the die, so that the die can make the material shape. Cooling is then applied as the material retains its new shape.

Extruder Classification

Extruders are categorized using three figures, for example, 1-60-24. In this case, the first number indicates the number of screws, the next the screw diameter in millimeters (mm), while the last number shows the effective screw length as a multiple of the screw diameter. In this case, 1-60-24 means that there is 1 screw, a screw diameter of 60 mm and a length of 24 inches.

Paulson Training Programs

Extruder Operation & Control Single Screw Course

This extrusion process can get quite complicated, and that is where the extrusion video training by Paulson Training Programs Inc. comes in. They focus on training production personnel, supervisors and managers with the very latest extrusion

process technology. In the course, they are taught the following things:

  • Understand the basics of single screw extrusion
  • Learn how to optimize control settings
  • Develop safe operating procedures
  • Learn valuable troubleshooting techniques

Extruder Operation and Control – Single Screw Lessons

  • The Single Screw Extruder: Parts and Operation
  • The Structure of Plastic Raw Materials
  • The Characteristics of Plastics for Extrusion
  • Effects of Pressure, Temperature and Flow
  • Optimizing Extruder Controls – Part 1
  • Optimizing Extruder Controls – Part 2
  • Safety, Pre-Start and Start-Up Procedures
  • Steady-State Operation, Shutdown and Maintenance Procedures
  • Single Screw Extruder Troubleshooting

The Paulson interactive learning system offers:

  • More effective training
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Automatic record keeping
  • No instructor required
  • Reduced training costs
  • Increased motivation
  • Complete curriculum

There are plenty of videos to take the trainees through such that by the time that they are done, they will know exactly what to do.


For those of you that don’t know about single screw extrusion, this is probably your best chance to learn a thing or two about it. With Paulson’s interactive training on the Extruder Operation and Control Single Screw Course, you’ll get to know everything that you need to know about the whole single screw extrusion process. As a matter of fact, if you’re not sure about it, you can try it free and if it works for you, pay for the rest of the course.