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How to Spoil a Horse Lover

Do you have a horse lover in the family?  Well, then the chances are pretty good that you have a hard time with spoiling that particular family member because they don’t seem to take a liking to anything other than horses.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving horses.  Horses are beautiful, majestic and wondrous creatures and horseback riding is one of the best hobbies there is since this hobby has so many therapy benefits.  In fact, horses are often used to help a lot of people get over problems such as anxiety, depression and horses are used in plenty of therapy sessions for disabled individuals. It is quite easy to spoil a horse lover.  All you have to do is stick to a horse theme in everything you do or buy for them.

Buy equestrian themed jewelry as a gift

Moti Ferder has a glorious equestrian themed jewelry set that any horse lover would absolutely love to own.  In fact, any of Moti Ferder’s pieces are fantastic enough to impress a horse lover but his equestrian set is just fantastic.  Moti Ferder designed a set of stirrup full diamond jewelry that includes a pendant necklace and pendant earrings but if you are looking for something even horsier then you can always check out his glorious horse themed rings and necklaces.  This type of gift isn’t just a good horse lover gift but also a terrific future investment since this designers pieces are going to be sought after for a very long time to come.

How to Spoil a Horse Lover

Buy new horse supplies

A new horse saddle can be a brilliant gift that any horse lover would love to have.  If your horse lover is a simple person then even a few new horse care tools would be a warm welcome.

Get the horse lover a new riding outfit

Those equestrian horse rising outfits are something gorgeous and timeless.  A new helmet and boot set is also a perfect gift.

Enjoy a horse movie marathon

You can also include a few horsy activities while you are trying to spoil your horse lover.  A horse movie marathon should include all the best horse movies such as Seabiscuit, Hidalgo, War Horse, The Horse Whisperer and Flicka to name a few.

Go horse riding

Of course your horse loving family member would love a simple horse ride.  Perhaps you can even make a full day out of a horse riding trip by including a fun field picnic at a beautiful location with plenty of gorgeous scenery.

Pay for equestrian horse riding classes

Equestrian horse riding classes is always a good idea. You can hire a trainer or pay for horse riding classes and give the horse lover an educational gift in something that they adore.

Consider horse breeding

Horse breeding can be a terrific sideline business for horse lovers and even for you.  If your child or spouse simply cannot seem to live without horses then create a way for them to always spend time with horses.