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Eseential Tools You Need to Get Started with Woodworking

When you step towards building your basic woodworking projects, you may have a need to do some addition to your woodworking tool rack. Some folks opt this work as their hobby and it is a pretty action-packed activity to build something on your own. However, when you start making projects that are more than just a hobby, you need a bigger setup. It would be overwhelming for you to try to understand which tools you need first. You would find a profusion of woodworking equipment but having all of them may not be possible.

Eseential Tools You Need to Get Started with Woodworking
Eseential Tools You Need to Get Started with Woodworking

Thus, we have here a list of essential tools that you need first:

A solid wooden workbench:

A workbench is a must-have item in a traditional woodworker’s workshop. If you have a tight budget, you can take advantage of yourself being a woodworker. Make yourself a workbench that would not cost you as much as an advanced bench. Even a beginner can make a bench that can fit almost everywhere, using your basic tools. There are whole lot ideas you can find online to build a heavy and sturdy bench.


This hand tool is like a regular hand saw. The only difference is stiffened band that makes the blade stiff. Unlike the regular saw, the blade stays straight and doesn’t move during the cutting. This way, cutting becomes easier and faster. This is another important thing have in your tool shop. This is one of the basic tools that you will need in almost all kinds of project.


You need clamps to put the components together. Clamps become your need for cutting, measuring, assembling and gluing the parts. You should always have a substantial number of clamps because you will need them for more times than you think. And, it is not possible to assemble a project when you do not have enough cramps.

Portable hand drill:

We are here talking about simple portable hand drill. A simple but sturdy hand drill can do a great job before you jump to more advanced models. You also come across the wireless and battery operated models but this is not all you need. Make sure that you are not compromising quality.


A chainsaw is a handy tool if you get the required wood directly from the trees. This small tool can take down some really massive trees in no time. Chopping wood becomes easier with this equipment. Plus, it is multifaceted and adaptive to its surrounding. Having a right chainsaw in hand makes you even more efficient. Though, the level of output and efficiency depends on how perfect your equipment is. There is not one brand of a chainsaw in the market and not all the brands are worth investing your money. So, getting your hands on the right one is essential.

Blue Max 8902 is the one that you can count on with your work. It is versatile and allows you to use it in different ways. This is one incredible option to consider. You do not have to do your job with only one blade bar length because this tool lets you use different lengths as per your requirement. Two blade bars of different length comes in the package. One is 14-inch and the other is 20-inch. Its rapid reaction chain brake makes it safer than others in the market. It features a safety trigger that automatically turns off the power in case your hand slips off it.

It embraces more features that are amazing; you can read about at chain cutting.