Starting an Automotive Repair Business? Get Your Advertising in Order

Starting a new business is an exciting time, especially when it is related to your love of cars. Automotive repair businesses are a staple in many areas, as most vehicle owners can only perform minimal services (if any) on their own cars, trucks, and vans.

But just because you are providing a service the majority of people could need, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll see any business. To attract customers, you must make sure your advertising efforts are on point. To help get your moving in the right direction, consider starting with these tips.

Starting an Automotive Repair Business? Get Your Advertising in Order

Start with Signage

Your first marketing efforts actually begin while you set up your business location. Having appropriate signage that displays your business name and other pertinent details are critical to the success of most companies. Signage helps potential customers identify your location, and can draw in business from local passersby.

Consider options that allow you to display changeable messages. Then, you can advertise current sales and specials easily. This can be especially effective if you are located in a high traffic area, as you will automatically receive a basic level of attention by simply being present.

Aim Local

People rarely travel far for automotive repair services. Normally, they choose shops near their homes or businesses. That means you are more likely to find customers in your local area than outside of it.

To make the most of your marketing dollars, focus on your local community. Mailers to postal customers in the same area can be effective, as well as ads in local newspapers or on radio stations that reach your city.

Running local ad campaigns are often less expensive than larger ventures, such as national advertising. Additionally, smaller media outlets generally charge less than those with a wider reach. Consider what opportunities are available in your city, and choose based on their reach and your personal budget.

Get Online

When people search for automotive services, few turn to their phonebooks for options. Instead, they jump online through their computer or smartphone and look for the information they need. That makes having an online presence almost a necessity.

An easy way to begin is with social media. Businesses can create profiles on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter for free and can choose to use the integrated ad services for an additional cost. Regardless of whether you invest any funds, creating a page gives you a point of contact with potential customers even if you choose to stay with free versions.

It has also never been easier to create a business website. Many services provide drag-and-drop design options with basic hosting and domain names available at fairly reasonable prices. Often, it is worth taking the time and money to setup a simple page that at least contains your shop’s contact and location information. It is also a great place to list any current sales or coupons that interested customers can use.

SMS Marketing

With the popularity of smartphones and cell phones, SMS marketing can be a great option. You can reach customers while they are one the go, and provide coupon and sales information that they can carry with them in your pocket. Often, you will need to collect a list of phone numbers to be able to send messages, but certain services can also help you with the management and storage of the data, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

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