Sprockets and Excavation

People see the word excavation, and they are immediately drawn toward the idea of archaeology. Images of Indiana Jones pop into their heads, and they begin wondering about the Holy Grail. But this isn’t the type of excavation we are referring to. No, we are talking about the kind that is utilized to clear land for the purpose of building. Here you will learn about sprockets and excavation.

There are several sprocket styles used in the under carriages of excavation machinery. There are some that come in multiple sections that bolt to a machine’s hub. Then there are the kind that are already attached to the hub and just bolt or press onto the carriage. Some people even choose to weld the sprockets when the hubs are still intact. The machinery that uses these sprockets includes:

  • Bulldozers
  • Track loaders
  • Rubber tracked skid steer
  • Many others (find out more here)

A few of these machines will be necessary when you prepare to consider purchasing log homes in BC. Take your time determining whether you want a custom home or a standard log cabin. Ensure that your layout is exactly as you want it. Utilize the 35+ years of experience afforded you in these log cabin artisans. Then get ready to build.

Sprockets and Excavation

Steps to Building Preparation

The first, most obvious step, is buy the land you want. Make sure you get enough to fit your home and your lifestyle. The next steps are after you have gone through the purchase and closing procedures. These tips will help you prepare your land for that new log home:

  1. Blank Canvas– You are going to need to clear the space of all trees and brush that will hinder the building of your new home. And, you can’t just cut them down. You must remove the stumps as well. You need the ground to be as level as you can make it.
  2. Excavation- This is the fun side. Heavy machinery is required to get this stage in the process right. You can technically rent the machinery yourself, if you are comfortable with that type of responsibility. But, if the money is available, we would recommend hiring a contractor. Initial measurements and plans might have to be revisited based on the soil composition once you start digging. You need a strong foundation to ensure your dream log home stands firm a long time. Read this.
  3. Other Issues– Since you just bought a piece of land, chances are, you are going to need to plan for the addition of water access, sewer drainage, and electricity. These are all things that should be determined prior to constructing the house. If there is no city sewer system available, you might have to plan where to place your septic tank, drain field, and well. These things are essential to making your dream home a reality. Learn more.

Sprockets can keep the machines that are digging your foundation trenches in working order. They are necessary for the functioning of these entities. However, you will need to be onsite for the purpose of overseeing the process. Surely you don’t want people digging up trees that were going to house your garden hammock. And, if you are not there, you could wind up with a plot of land that truly is a barren blank canvas. That would destroy the ambiance of your gorgeous new log home!

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