Safety Tips When Using a Table Saw

If you do any type of woodwork chances are you use the table saw quite often. Not only does it cut the time of cutting but ensures the cuts are neat and precise. Which is a reason why people prefer using table saw rather than manually cutting wood they need.

It is important you look into table saws before you buy them. Think of it as an investment and really study the different options out there. If you need help in selecting a table saw then we recommend you browse online and be sure to read table saw reviews.

Table Saw

After purchasing your table saw and having it setup, we recommend you ensure proper safety so you don’t get hurt while operating the saw. Here are some tips that you should follow:

  1. Always wear safety glasses when operating the table saw. When cutting there will be sawdust and other debris from the wood you cut. It can easily go into your eyes so be sure to protect them with safety glasses or goggles.
  2. You should also wear a face mask that protects your mouth and nose from intaking any debris or sawdust.
  3. You shouldn’t wear gloves when operating the table saw.
  4. Your clothing should not be loose. Avoid wearing loose jewellery or any jewellery around your hands. With loose clothes you end up risking it getting caught in the blade.
  5. Make sure you have proper footwear that is non-slip, boots are great.
  6. When cutting crosscuts you should use a stop block which will ensure the piece of wood stops.
  7. Wait until the blade has come to a complete standstill before you reach to the side or behind it.
  8. Position yourself in such a way that you are not directly inline with the saw. This will protect you from debris and sawdust off the saw.
  9. Make sure you disconnect the saw as soon as you are done using it. Otherwise you risk it turning on or someone else accidentally turning it on and getting in an accident with it.

These are just basic tips you should consider when you use a table saw. Table saws may help you get your woodwork and cutting done much quicker but it is very dangerous. You need to keep in mind to stay complete attentive when using a table saw otherwise you risk an accident. Accident with the table saw tend to be quite harsh, majority of them are. Since it is a electrical, automatic machine it packs a lot of power and can easily cut your arm in half if you do not use it properly. So follow our tips and ensure that you are safe when using a table saw.

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