Party Games You Can Play in the Car

Everyone enjoys a good party game, but few think about taking one of these and making them road-trip worthy. Playing a game while you travel can help the time pass more quickly, and can create an enjoyable experience for all involve. Don’t limit yourself by thinking the best party games can only be played when you are at home. Try these on your next road trip and see if you don’t have the time of your life.

Party Games You Can Play in the Car

Trivial Pursuit

When most people think of Trivial Pursuit, they picture the board game with the little round player pieces and pie-shaped wedges. However, there are a number of Trivial Pursuit editions that were released in travel-friendly formats. You can pick versions designed around specific movie or television franchises, such as The Walking Dead, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or Harry Potter.

The travel-friendly editions are designed for quicker gameplay, and everything is contained in a portable wedge-shaped holder. Simply stash a few editions in the car and see where the adventure takes you.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples has players using various cards to try and find the best answer combination. Each round features a judge who will decide which red card, submitted by the other players, best matches the green card they drew. After each round, another player becomes the judge, continuing through all of the players until gameplay ends. Since connections between cards can be made in a number of ways, many of which can be quite humorous, it can be a lot of fun to see what gets presented.

The only drawback to Apples to Apples is it isn’t a game the driver can play. However, they are free to enjoy the mayhem that ensues as others play around them.

Name That Tune

If you want to enjoy a game that doesn’t require any additional pieces or cards, you can play a modified version of Name That Tune. Simply use the car radio as the source, and hit the scan button until it brings up a station. Once a song plays, each person tries to guess the title and the artist. The first person with the correct answer wins that round.

Rounds can continue for as long as you want suggesting there are enough stations for you to find new music with each pass. However, this can also work with MP3 players set to shuffle, Pandora or other internet-based radio that pulls songs for you, or through satellite radio. You may need to cover the display to hide the name of the song and artists, but it can also make it easier to confirm when someone is right or wrong.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a classic activity that only requires a source story and a writing implement. A person chooses a story and has the other people in the car supply the required words to fill in specific blanks. Often, players are given a lot of flexibility to pick any kind of words, as the instructions may simply require any noun, verb, place, person, or another basic piece of information.

Mad Libs are available in a wide variety of editions. Some are very family friendly while others are targeted specifically toward adults. Depending on who else is in the vehicle, make sure you choose an appropriate storybook for the occasion.

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