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Choosing an Air Compressor

Choosing an air compressor can turn out to be a nightmare if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. There are many things to look for when choosing an air compressor to buy, and in this article, we will quickly highlight on some of the things that you should look for.

Analyze the requirements of the air tools that you will be using

You need to know the sort of work that the compressor will be doing. Is it for commercial needs, or domestic use around the home? What will the volume requirements of the tools that you’re using? That is the only way that you’ll find the compressor you’re looking for.

Choose between piston-type and portable compressors

What sort of air compressor are you after, piston type, or single stage compressors? There are two varieties of piston type compressors, single stage that use one piston to compress air and top out at about 150 psi., and two stage compressors that deliver near continuous air pressure, and top out at around 200 psi. portable air compressors, on the other hand, are better used for light duties around the home for things like inflating tires and rafts.

Making Specific Determinations

This is the second part of how you can determine the air compressor to buy.

Choosing an Air CompressorChoosing an Air Compressor

Look at the horsepower (HP) of the air compressor

Horsepower in an air compressor ranges between 1.5 and 6.5 HP. There are industrial air compressors that use a higher amount of HP. There is also the CFM rating, or Cubic Feet per Minute to take into consideration.

Space and Portability

This is very important, depending on where you’ll be using the compressor, and where you’ll be storing it.

Impact Wrench Mini-Reviews

Having looked at some of the things to take into consideration when considering buying an air compressor, we are now going to look at review of some impact wrench mini air compressors.

Best 1/2-inch Impact Wrench Overall

Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench

This Ingresoll Rand air impact wrench is made to provide maximum control, power, and reliability for a wide variety of car maintenance jobs. It is built to last, and it comes with enhanced controls for improved comfort and convenience.


  • 780-foot-pounds max power
  • Professional touch trigger with a wider range of power regulator settings in forward
  • Patented push button forward/reverse provides maximum control
  • Weighs just 3.95-pounds
  • Comes with a MAX Protection Program offering a free 2 year limited warranty with tool registration

Best Budget 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench, ½ Inch, Composite, Twin Hammer

This is a twin-hammer clutch 1/2-inch impact wrench that comes with a maximum power of 550 ft. lbs. of torque at an affordable price. It comes with a variable speed regulator that provides low, medium and full power output in the forward direction and maximum power in reverse.


  • 550 ft.-lbs. provides steady, reliable power for tough lug nuts and more
  • Powerful and balanced twin hammer impact mechanism delivers results with reduced vibration
  • The TL140200AV requires 3.4 SCFM at 90 psi
  • A soft comfort grip helps reduce fatigue and provides optimal comfort
  • Designed for DIY projects and general-purpose applications such as automotive maintenance and repair.

Best 3/8-inch Impact Wrench Overall

Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX 3/8-Inch Impactool

The Ingersoll Rand 3/8 inch Impactool has excellent performance for maintenance and automotive or industrial impact tool. It measures 6 inches long, weighing less than 2.5 pounds. Its compact size means that it can better access tight spaces, it’s light weight not tiring the user.


  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Max Power – Best in class power performance providing 300 ft. pound of torque in the reverse position
  • Max Control – It comes with a feather touch trigger and a wider range of power regulator settings in the forward position, while always offering max power in reverse
  • Max Reliability – Free two-year limited warranty with registration
  • New 7 vane motor that delivers even more power
  • Patented one-handed forward & reverse for easy operation and control

Best Value 3/8-inch Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8 Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill

Ingersoll Rand 3/8″ Chuck drills comes with speeds ranging from 1,200 to 2,500, and also features reversible and non-reversible models. It is perfect for honing, reaming or drilling holes, and is the excellent power tool for the family. It’s a durable, reliable tool for drilling in all types of materials, including sheet metal, wood and composites.


  • Durable Jacobs multi-craft chuck
  • Reversible, with convenient control
  • Comfortable lever throttle
  • Grease plug for easy preventative maintenance
  • Precision machine gearing ensures maximum power transfer and durability


There are all sorts of power tools out there, and the air compressor is one of the most common ones that we use around our homes. That is why it is important to have one in your home, and hence the reason why we came up with how you can choose one, as well as some reviews. That will a big help for you when making your choice.

How Bluetooth Technology Is Benefitting People

There is more to grasping Bluetooth innovation than being that irregular individual whom every other person in the room believes is conversing with himself. Having the capacity to keep your telephone in your pocket and not wrinkle your neck while chatting on the telephone is a colossal advantage of utilizing Bluetooth headsets, yet there is a whole other world to Bluetooth than simply utilizing it for telephone discussions.

Having Bluetooth-empowered earphones or earbuds is awesome. Earbuds aren’t as sound effective as headphones are, yet you can easily pair them with numerous gadgets around your home to give great sound quality. So what are the advantages of getting some Bluetooth earphones for yourself?

How Bluetooth Technology Is Benefitting People

Cut the Cable

The greatest advantage of Bluetooth earbuds or earphones is the capacity to be without any wire or cable, and in addition hands free, for extreme versatility. How frequently have the wires from your earphones get stuck on something, jarringly tearing the earbuds from your ears, or you hauled them out of your pocket just to discover a messy tangle? No cable implies zero whine and no loosening up the bunches they make in your pocket. Wireless earbuds are extraordinary gadgets for individuals who run or exercise to music. As a rule, losing the wires implies less battery is utilized. Bluetooth utilizes low power signals, and the innovation requires next to no energy.

Sound Quality

Losing the wires doesn’t mean sound quality ought to be lost, however as with any arrangement of earphones, this is just valid in the event that you get your work done and find a brilliant item. A number of the bluetooth earphones or earbuds accompany bass-boosting innovation and commotion segregation outline with the goal that you can feel the beat as you tune in to music. At the point when Bluetooth earphones were released, the sound was undesirable, and many individuals said it wouldn’t last. Today, you can get an indistinguishable nature of sound with bluetooth headphones as you can with those that are wired. This only applies if you get the best bluetooth headphones you can find, as mentioned on Sweet Flow.

Talk, Walk and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Regardless of whether you are strolling down the road or around the home attempting to complete errands, holding the telephone intrudes on your movement and gives you one less hand to work with. The flexibility Bluetooth gadgets give can make the most straightforward errands simpler. On the off chance that you are sincerely busy tuning in to a song and you get a telephone call, a few earphones enable you to answer the telephone with simply the touch of a catch. Pushing it again will end the call and return you to your music.

One thing to consider with bluetooth headphones is the notorious driving situation. Holding a telephone and chatting on it while driving is unlawful in many spots, and which is all well and good. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you utilize a Bluetooth headset, you can easily chat on the telephone while driving.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

Buying used cars is something that is normal amongst the majority of the people, and this is because they are affordable. They are also the best for new drivers that recently learnt to drive because in the event of an accident or mishap, they would have come cheaper. When they have gained experience, they can go ahead and purchase a new car. In this article, we are going to look at the things that one should consider before buying a used car.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

Determine a range of cost

The first thing to do when buying a car, used or new, is to determine how much you’re willing to spend. If you don’t have the money, think of where you’re going to get the finances, and ensure that the cost range includes things like extra parts, or any possible inspections

Always test drive the car

Spending time behind the wheel of the car you’re about to purchase is very important, because this gives you a feel of how it responds. Test drive it in all sorts of situations including highways, side streets, corners, gravels roads and many more.

Research the vehicle

Research is very important, and the internet is filled with a lot of information regarding anything. Research the vehicle that you’re going to buy so that you’re sure that it meets all your specifications.

Consider the Cars Best Suited for You

Don’t go for what you want, but for what is convenient to you and your family. You might want to buy a sports car, but your family needs an SUV. That would mean opting for the SUV.

Review the Vehicle History Report

Always review the vehicle that you’re about to buy. Check if it has any damages anywhere. You could bring in a professional to check it out for you. The history of the car is very important.

Request a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Bring in a professional to check the car before you buy it. A trained mechanic can quickly diagnose the car and let you know where there is a problem.

Take a Look at Some of the Reviews

Reviews are very important before purchasing anything. You might think that the car you’re buying is everything that the manufacturer says, but when you purchase it, some of the things work differently. Reviews from people that have already owned the vehicle will easily let you know what to expect.

Car Vision

Car Vision is one of the best places that you can buy a car. It is an independently owned company that has all sorts of cars that fit every budget. You can also choose for how long the vehicle has been used. It all depends on what you want, whether you’re a single graduate student, or a family man. The good thing is that you would have considered the points mentioned above before purchasing the car. Car Vision also has a website, making it easier for you to identify the vehicle that you’re looking for.


Before you buy a vehicle, make sure you consider the points mentioned above or else you could end up blowing your money on something that you didn’t expect. Remember, the previous owner of the car might be selling it because it had some sort of defect. If you’re located near Norristown, PA, don’t hesitate to check out Car Vision for their wide collection of cars.

Steps to Choosing Your First Handgun

Choosing the first handgun can prove to be quite a challenge for people that know nothing about handguns. They would probably like to get a weapon to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of an attack, but when they get to the store, there are so many different options that leave them confused. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things that one should consider when buying a handgun for the first time.

Evaluate Intended Use

You need to know what you intend to use the gun for before you can purchase it. Most of the people purchasing guns for the first time, do it for their protection or self-defense. A basic shotgun or rifle should work best in this instance, since they are easier to learn to use, and also provide the right protection for the money invested.

Set a Budget

Guns come in all sorts of price ranges, from $150 to several thousands of dollars. It is important that you come up with a budget for the sort of gun you would like to buy. A gun in the range of $400 is recommended for first time buyers.

New or Used

New guns usually cost more by between 25-50%, and it is up to you to decide what to go for. The good thing about going for a used gun is that you’re likely to get a better quality gun for a lower price.

Size and Caliber

This is one of the hardest things to decide for a new gun user, and it basically rounds down to the intended use of the gun. Full sized guns chambered in a lower powered caliber as easier to shoot as compared to compact guns with high caliber. If you intend to keep the gun concealed, you would want to go for a compact, lightweight gun.

How does it feel?

A good gun is one that is comfortable in your hand, with all of the controls within easy reach.

Steps to Choosing Your First Handgun

The Best Gun Safes to Keep Your Firearms Safe

Once you have finally gotten the gun of your choice, the next thing that you should consider is safety. Where will you keep the gun stored? It has to be a safe place that is also easy to access in the event that danger appears suddenly. In this article, we are going to do some gun safe reviews, 2017, so that when you go to purchase a gun safe, you’ll have an idea of exactly what you want.

GunVault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe

This safe is safe, secure, and keeps your gun ready for action. It is also very discreet, even coming with a revolutionary design that is ideal for the home or business.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner and Activation button, holding up to 120 individual Fingerprints
  • Fast Activation drop down drawer, for quick access
  • 18-Gauge steel construction, with protective foam-lined interior
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools
  • Mounts almost anywhere, in any direction

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

This safe can store up to 30 fingerprints in its biometric fingerprint security system. It has a hydraulic door system that opens up once the unique fingerprint is accepted. It also has special keys that can be used to access, while pre-drilled holes enable one to mount it onto a surface for added security.

  • Top-opening biometric drawer safe.
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Fingerprint control can store up to 30 users
  • Pre-drilled holes allow safe to be mounted into the floor, a shelf, or counter top
  • Two solid steel locking bolts; motorized deadbolt lock
  • Includes protective floor mat, emergency back-up keys, and mounting hardware

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E Security Safe

This safe is tested and listed as one of the California Department of Justice firearms safety devices, meeting the California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued, requirements. It also features 2-way locking, 1” steel live action locking bolts, up to 6 locking points and has a fully carpeted interior. It also comes with Stack-On’s safes come with patented molded barrel rests that are durable.

  • Holds 22 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall, or 11 firearms and storage, or all storage
  • 4 Adjustable shelves
  • Exterior has a black epoxy paint finish with chrome accents and silk-screen on the door
  • Electronic lock includes operational lights for open, low battery warning and incorrect entry
  • Fully carpeted interior

Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol Safe

One can access this safe with a fingerprint as well as combination program, giving people speedy and quick singlehanded access to their safes.

  • Programmable digital key pad with zero audible feedback
  • Program a fingerprint as well as a combination
  • Compression gas strut opens and holds the lid in the open position
  • Whisper-quiet entry
  • Reinforced with heavy duty 12-gauge steel
  • Pry-resistant door

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

With the Stealth Pistol security safe, you can comfortably store three guns on hangers, while two more can be stored in the storage space below. The quick electronic keypad gives you quick access to the interior that is illuminated by a red light to enable seeing the guns even in the dark.

  • Holds 3 handguns at the ready and 2 handguns flat – max capacity: 5
  • Quick access spring loaded drop down door with red interior light and optional silent mode
  • Solid steel construction with anti-pry tabs and high strength locking latch
  • High strength security cable included, high density foam interior with scratch resistant rods
  • External dimensions: 9″ H x 9″ W x 12″ D / Weighs: 15 lbs / CA DOJ approved


You now know some of the tips when choosing your first handgun, although there are many more. You have to keep the gun safe from other people, only giving you and other authorized people access to them. That is the reason that one should go for a gun safe, and above that we reviewed being amongst the best you’ll find in the market.

Fit and Fashion: Watch words for the Fashionable Man

It’s hard to believe, but stores are already putting out fall décor.  There are pictures posted on social media showing fall wreaths, pumpkins and there have even been ghost sightings as stores are starting to display items for Halloween.   As much as we love thinking about the next weekend getaway or upcoming summer concert, the reality of life is that we are heading toward the end of summer and gearing up for fall.  As far as shopping goes, this means there are sure to be some great end of season deals, so if you need to plump up the wardrobe in your closet with some new items, now is a good time to do so.  This is especially true now that a top retailer of fine men’s shirts like Charles Tyrwhitt is holding an end of season sale.  But before you race over to take advantage of their site-wide sale, check out Groupon and use one of their money saving deals.

Groupon is offering up to 60% off their classic summer suits, linen separates and no-iron shirts so you can stock up for the remainder of the summer, and find looks that will easily segue into fall.  They offer casual apparel so you can look smart as you knock around the city showing it off to friends and business acquaintances.  They stock lots of business attire for hitting the bricks looking for new job opportunities, or to impress upon the powers that be you’re ready for more responsibility at your current job.  And if you’re heading back to the classroom or lecture hall as student or teacher, you’ll find suitable attire for your time there as well.  

Right now, they offer a discount of some $200 when you take advantage of the sale on their “proper shirts.”  You can purchase 4 for only $199.   Fit should be a concern of the most discriminating man, and at Charles Tyrwhitt, fit is one of the areas of their business they take very seriously.  They have more combinations that most, and will help you find the proper fit for your body shape.  Their expert staff will eagerly assist you and they have a handy sizing guide on their site.  So leave nothing to chance when you shop for a well-made suit or shirt.  Let the knowledgeable staff at Charles Tyrwhitt find the fit and the fashion that’s just right for you today.


How to Revamp Your Old Floor Lamp

There is a lot of potential in old hand-me-down items, especially if these old items are something like homeware.  There are so many wonderful ideas to revamping old furniture items into something that looks glorious and the entire revamping process is great fun!  Revamping an old floor lamp gives you two great opportunities; firstly you get the opportunity to turn something old and out of date into something useful and great looking again and secondly, you get the opportunity to let your creative juices flow!  So what are you waiting for… grab that old floor lamp that is annoying you so much and check out these ‘how to’ tips to get it revamped.

How to Revamp Your Old Floor Lamp

Check for flaws and do technical repairs

The first thing you want to do is check for flaws. Here is a quick checklist for everything on your lamp;

Bulb – Check to see if the bulb is still working.  If you cannot get a bulb that suits your lamp then you may have to consider replacing the bulb and holder, especially if you are looking for a holder that works well with modern energy saver bulbs.

Wiring – Is the writing still in order?  Open and cracked power cables can be fatal and should be replaced with new cables.

Switch – You should also check if the light switch is still working and if it is an easy to handle switch.  These are quite simple to replace.

Lamp pole – Is your floor lamp’s pole broken?  Well, that is no problem at all because here is a guide that you can check out to learn how to fix a floor lamp pole.

Respray the pole

Now that you know that the lamp is in good working condition, it is time to start the creative side of the revamping process.  If the lamp pole has a wrong color or looks bad then it is time for a respray.  Sand your entire lamp pole, buy a can of spray paint and spray it any color you like.  You may want to do a few trials before attempting your spray job because getting a smooth finish with a spray can is no easy task.

Consider decorating ideas for the lamp pole

Are you ok with just a new color or does your lamp pole need a modifications?  Well, here creativity and what you have at your disposal will play a huge role.  Your main weapon is a glue gun and your spray can because with these two items you can add any item like old toys, balls, or any other decorative item to your lamp and simply respray for a new finish and design.

Try a fun DIY project and design your own lamp shade

The lamp shade is the main feature of your floor lamp and there are so many wonderful things you can do with your lamp shade.  You can go and buy a new lamp shade, paint your old lamp shade, use modgepodge to make it more unique or even try to style up your lamp shade by adding fabric roses, fabric flowers or gorgeous silhouettes to your lampshade.

How Movers Companies Operate

Moving is no longer a hustle than it was many years ago, thanks to moving companies that have made moving so much easy. Initially you would have to go through the hustle of looking for where to pack our goods, a track to move and arrange things for ourselves but not many more. Currently there are many moving companies and all you need to do is to give them the assignment of moving your goods and the final destination and everything else will be taken care of. So how do moving companies really work? If you are looking for a moving company, the following is what to expect

How Movers Companies Operate


Moving companies come with their own packing materials and hence you don’t have to worry about looking for packaging for moving your stuff as that is taken care of by the moving company.


Moving companies come with their own tracks for transportation hence you don’t have to worry about looking for a track to move your things.


Most of the time moving companies will provide insurance for your valuables and in case of breakage or anything you are covered. It’s their job to make sure that your valuables are protected hence you don’t have to worry about losing your valuables or breakage.

Arranging stuff

In some instances, the moving company will arrange your stuff for you unless you don’t prefer that. Basically they will return everything the way it was initially saving you the hustle of having to arrange stuff.

So now that we know what to expect from a moving company, if you are interested in the service, the trick is to get a good moving company. There are many moving companies but their services may differ. For example not all companies are international moving companies while there are some companies that only operate in a certain niche such as purely residential. The first step before looking for a moving company is defining your need. Once your need is defined, it may be easier to know what to look for as you already know what you want. Some of the things to consider when looking for a moving company include:


It’s good to know the location of the company and if it operates in the locations that you are planning to move. For example if you are planning to ship your goods internationally you have to be sure the company can ship to the country you are moving to.

Services offered

As much as many companies will offer relatively the same services, some companies may offer services that some don’t. Since you have already defined your need, it is easier to check if the company offers the service you are interested in.


Reading reviews are very important as they give you a sneak preview of the company before you get to engage with it. It is good to get and shortlist several companies then do a comparison to determine the best choice.

How Led Signs Can Benefit Your Business

Starting a business is not the most important part, the most crucial part i actually attracting customers to your business which can also be marketing or branding. There are many ways of marketing your business and the method you choose has a big influence on the kind of results you can get. In the world today, everything is very competitive and hence you have to use the right marketing strategy to get ahead of your competitor. Basically the marketing channel used is mostly determined by your market niche though most companies combine several marketing strategies at once to increase the chances of reaching the potential customers. Some marketing methods used are more expensive than others and most of the time the traditional advertising methods such as radio and TV may not work for small business and may end up being very expensive.

One of the successful methods that have been used for marketing is using the Led signs. They may be under rated but their results are tremendous. Those who have used led signs have reported high success rates and that explains why there are more and more people using led signs as a marketing strategy. Good thing with led signs as an advertising method is that it is very economical hence very suitable for small businesses. In most cases you will only incur the initial cost and after that it gets cheap. You may have to spend some money at the start but it gets cheap after that. Well if compared with other advertising mediums including digital marketing, it is still relatively cheaper. Some of the benefits of using led signs as an advertising method include:

How Led Signs Can Benefit Your Business

Creates awareness about your business

Led signs are a good way to make people who had no idea about the existence of your business get to know about it. This can be an effective marketing method attracting potential customers.

Can direct people to your business

Led signs can be used as a way of directing people to your business if the LED sign is placed at the location of your business. If the sign blinks, then those who might be interested in your services but don’t know the location of the business can easily locate your business and that can increase sales in your business.

Can influence customer purchase

Attractive led signs can be used as a way of influencing customers to do a purchase. The attractive led signs may attract curious people who would want to know about your business. If the sign is cool they may do a purchase as they want an association with being cool.


As much as led signs are a good advertising method, it depends on your products and your target market. It may work well for some industries and not for others.  So before you settle on it as an advertising method, it is important to research if it is lucrative for your business and your target niche.

Is The Canon XH-G1S 3CCD HDV Camcorder Right for You?

When you are shopping for a new camcorder, there are features that you prioritize the camcorder to have. With many camcorders in the market with relatively the same features, it may be confusing which camcorder to choose.  Sony and canon are among the leading brands when it comes to camcorders. The problem is that they have many camcorders and it may be confusing to choose one. Well once you define your needs, then it might be easier to get a camcorder that will best meet your needs.

Is The Canon XH-G1S 3CCD HDV Camcorder Right for You?

If you are looking for something budget but at the same time versatile, then the Canon XH-G1s might be the right camcorder for you. It comes as an improvement of the XL-H1 giving a high quality, crisp and noise free footage. Some of the reasons you should go for it include:

Uses the HDV compression format

This format will allow you to record a high definition recording of over an hour on a single MiniDV tape. It uses a 20x fluorite fixed lens with superior optics that ensures high quality images.

Has an AF auto-focus system

This makes sure that it is easy for the camcorder to focus giving a crisp picture. Its focus system is incorporated with a technology that reduces the reaction time of autofocus increasing the overall accuracy.

HD Footage

The XH-G1s has the ability to capture images at high resolutions of up to 1080i resolution since it has three 1/3” 16:9 interlaced CCDs. It works with selectable frame rates helping you to shoot at different frame rates and can work with 60i, 30 frame and 24 frame and can also use the SD resolution if need be. It helps you to take different motion captions while not compromising on the quality.

High quality images

What we mostly look for when looking for a camcorder is the ability to shoot high quality images. The XH-G1s has the ability to do that and is also loaded with a DIGIC DV 2 image processor that has the ability to process both HD and SD video signals.

Flip Out LCD

The camera has a flip-out LCD that can provide a view on both sides of the camera. The LCD makes it easy to focus as it provides ample resolution. The display has been made in a sophisticated way such that it hides under the handle when it is not in use so that it does not affect the side controls.


There are many other reasons why you should consider the XH-G1s. Apart from the other great features, t also has an optical stabilization feature that helps to prevent camera shake making sure the image is of high quality. It also has all possible connectors that a professional would need giving you all the convenience you will need. The camcorder also comes with many accessories such as rechargeable batteries, filters, cases, tripod memory card, cleaning kit and screen protectors, and microphones among many others saving you the cost of buying accessories.

How To Choose A Camcorder

With the recent age, there are many camcorders in the market and it might get confusing which one to choose. The truth is that some smartphones work better than some camcorders in terms of quality of the footings. If you are looking out for a camcorder, the most important factors to keep in mind are its features. You should consider the following features:

Flip-out LCD

Even though this is common in many camcorders, it is not present in all of them for example it is not present in action cams. The flip out LCDs also come in different aspect ratios with some being wider than others. There are some models that have touch screen LCDs to provide more convenience when using it.  You should however note that even though the LCD is easier to use than an eyepiece viewfinder, LCD uses batteries faster and hence cannot provide a long recording time.

How To Choose A Camcorder

Image stabilizer

This is meant to reduce shaking and noise while you are doing your recording. An image stabilizer can either be electronic, optical or both. You can however increase more stability by using a tripod which will ensure there is no shaking by any chance.

Full Auto switch

This is where the camcorder automatically adjusts its settings in terms of color balance, shutter speed, focus and aperture. It saves you the hustle of changing the settings manually especially if you are a newbie. It may go by different names depending on the brand that you are using.


This is a feature where you can adjust to get maximum sharpness. Some models however only have manual focus.


This is a feature that can help you narrow or widen the view. It is what makes a camcorder better than a mobile phone no matter how good the phone is. Most camcorder will have a switch for zooming and the degree of zoom will depend on how hard you press the button. Zoom can either be optical zoom or digital zoom. Optical zoom relies on optical lenses and is normally in form of optical zoom ratio which can range from 10:1 to 50:1. Digital zoom is one that is used to extend the zoom range to 400:1 or more though the quality may not be as high as in optical zoom.

3D Capability

Some camcorders have the ability to shoot in 3D either photos or video. In order to capture 3D, the camcorder will capture two different images to represent different perspectives of different eyes. The different images will then be combined to form a 3D image which can be seen by special glasses.


There are many camcorder brands in the market but nothing beats the Sony hxr-mc50u. AS we all know, Sony has been a pioneer in the manufacture of camcorders and therefore they are well known for making good camcorders that will not disappoint you. The camcorder is loaded with features that will take your recording to the next level. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.