Mechanical Solutions for Greener Home

Many households are looking to have a more positive impact on the environment.  Whether this involves changing their primary modes of transportation, limiting waste, or coming up with alternative lawn care methods, there are a variety of products that can make those efforts easier for those looking to make a difference without the physical demands many options require.

Biodegradable Waste and Composting

Many people are aware that the amount of waste a household can generate can be astounding.  In order to limit what is sent to the landfill and also provide a lovely base for a home garden, composting is an easy alternative to throwing out certain biodegradable materials.

Mechanical Solutions for Greener Home

Composting can be physically demanding, as the pile must be regularly turned in order to encourage the process to move forward naturally and effectively.  For those who cannot use a pitchfork without notable pain, a tumbling composter may be an excellent option.  Not only does this make the turning process simpler through the use of basic mechanical design, it also helps contain the material in a signal area.

Electric Bikes

For those that live nearby various amenities or workplaces, riding a bike may be an attractive option, but it can be physically demanding.  If you are looking for an alternative mode of travel, without having to depend on public transit for local travel, consider an electric bike.

Electric bikes rely on batteries to provide power to a small motor to assist the rider with their travel needs.  An electric bike at full-charge generally has a range of 15 to 40 miles per charge, depending on the model used and other factors, such as the weight of the rider and any additional belongings.  The power necessary to charge the bike may only cost $0.10 on average, which is less than what it may cost to drive a standard vehicle one mile, depending on current fuel prices.

The electric motor provides an excellent opportunity for those who may not be physically able to bike the required distance through pedaling alone to participate in greener transportation alternatives.

Gray Water

Gray water is the water used within a household that is no longer potable, but is still safe to use for certain activities, such as watering a lawn.  One simple way to begin using gray water more effectively is to reroute the water coming from a washing machine into a large barrel.  Within the barreling is a small pump that attaches to a standard garden hose.  This allows the pump to be started, resulting in the water being sent through the hose and out into the area you would like to water.

In order to safely use gray water from your laundry, make sure you are using an appropriate, environmentally friendly laundry detergent and fabric softener.  Additionally, make sure the hose attached to the pump is long enough to reach multiple points in your yard if you plan on rerouting the gray water from every washing, otherwise, the water may pool in one area.

By using a mechanical pump to move the water, it does not have to be physically carried from the collection barrel to the watering location.  This provides an excellent solution to those who are not physically able to carry heavy buckets or pails, while still allowing them to participate in this green practice.

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