Marine Battery Buying Guide

If you have a boat, replacing the battery is inevitable at some point, it is therefore important to know the key points if you want to choose a replacement battery. In many cases, most boats operate with two batteries, the starting battery and the house battery. They are all different and perform different roles. The starting battery as the name suggests helps to power up the starter of a boat’s engine by supplying high number of amps in short bursts of small time intervals. It will do that until the engine starts then the battery will be recharged with the onboard alternator. Even though the starting battery is not a must, it is highly recommended that every boat has a starting battery by marine electrical experts. Every starting battery has a marine cranking app rating that indicates its starting power and this will help you to choose the right battery for your engine.

Marine Battery Buying Guide
Marine Battery Buying Guide

A house battery on the other hand is the battery that makes sure that all the components on your boat have enough supply of power. A house battery is made in such a way that it can have continuous supply of power over a long period of time. It mainly uses deep cycle power.

There are also some batteries that are dual purpose but they are mainly meant for small boats since the small boats only have room for small batteries. A dual purpose battery will serve both the function of a starting battery and a house battery.

Some of the factors that you should consider in choosing a marine battery include:


It is important to know the purpose of the battery first before going ahead to get one. You should know if you are buying it as a starting battery, a house battery or a dual purpose battery.

Cold cranking amps

This is used in determining the starting power of the battery. It’s the number of amps that can maintain a certain voltage which is the power needed to start up an engine. This can be determined by the temperature of the place as cold temperatures will require higher CCA rating. It is recommended to choose a battery that has a higher marine cranking amp rating than the recommended for your engine. If you are buying a house battery, it is good to check on the reserve capacity rating to make sure you choose the right battery.

Amp hour rating

If you are buying a house battery, it is very important to consider the amp hour rating. That is basically the number of amps supplied by a battery in a certain time period which is normally 20 hours. So a battery with more amp hour rating than is required is recommended.

Battery size

Batteries come in different sizes to meet different requirements. You should make sure that the new battery you intend to purchase fits well in the old battery box. In choosing the right battery box you should also consider the ventilation in the boat.


There are many other factors that are important to keep in mind. All this can be found in From the site you can also get to know the best marine batteries in the market which will help you make an informed choice.

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