Is The Canon XH-G1S 3CCD HDV Camcorder Right for You?

When you are shopping for a new camcorder, there are features that you prioritize the camcorder to have. With many camcorders in the market with relatively the same features, it may be confusing which camcorder to choose.  Sony and canon are among the leading brands when it comes to camcorders. The problem is that they have many camcorders and it may be confusing to choose one. Well once you define your needs, then it might be easier to get a camcorder that will best meet your needs.

Is The Canon XH-G1S 3CCD HDV Camcorder Right for You?

If you are looking for something budget but at the same time versatile, then the Canon XH-G1s might be the right camcorder for you. It comes as an improvement of the XL-H1 giving a high quality, crisp and noise free footage. Some of the reasons you should go for it include:

Uses the HDV compression format

This format will allow you to record a high definition recording of over an hour on a single MiniDV tape. It uses a 20x fluorite fixed lens with superior optics that ensures high quality images.

Has an AF auto-focus system

This makes sure that it is easy for the camcorder to focus giving a crisp picture. Its focus system is incorporated with a technology that reduces the reaction time of autofocus increasing the overall accuracy.

HD Footage

The XH-G1s has the ability to capture images at high resolutions of up to 1080i resolution since it has three 1/3” 16:9 interlaced CCDs. It works with selectable frame rates helping you to shoot at different frame rates and can work with 60i, 30 frame and 24 frame and can also use the SD resolution if need be. It helps you to take different motion captions while not compromising on the quality.

High quality images

What we mostly look for when looking for a camcorder is the ability to shoot high quality images. The XH-G1s has the ability to do that and is also loaded with a DIGIC DV 2 image processor that has the ability to process both HD and SD video signals.

Flip Out LCD

The camera has a flip-out LCD that can provide a view on both sides of the camera. The LCD makes it easy to focus as it provides ample resolution. The display has been made in a sophisticated way such that it hides under the handle when it is not in use so that it does not affect the side controls.


There are many other reasons why you should consider the XH-G1s. Apart from the other great features, t also has an optical stabilization feature that helps to prevent camera shake making sure the image is of high quality. It also has all possible connectors that a professional would need giving you all the convenience you will need. The camcorder also comes with many accessories such as rechargeable batteries, filters, cases, tripod memory card, cleaning kit and screen protectors, and microphones among many others saving you the cost of buying accessories.

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