How Your Car Can Help You with the Ladies

A man’s car can say a lot about him.  It can give an indication of his financial status, his type of employment, as well as how well he takes care of his things.  It is no secret that women may judge a man partially by his car.

If you want to make sure that your car is helping you with the ladies instead of holding you back, consider these key pieces of information.

How Your Car Can Help You with the Ladies

Expensive Cars Turn a Woman’s Head

It was recently determined by a psychological study that women are in fact more attracted to men with expensive cars.  While running out and buying a new car may not be an option, there are steps that you can take to help make sure your current vehicle looks more expensive.

Taking the time to keep your car in good shape can make it look more expensive than a similar vehicle that is in rougher condition.  This can include making sure that any aesthetic repairs are completed in a timely fashion, as well as keeping the interior and exterior clean.

The Style of Car Matters

Women are also more interested in men with certain styles of vehicles over others.  For example, some studies show that women are most attracted to men in pickup trucks, even ahead of sports cars and SUVs.  In contrast, a minivan is likely to encourage a woman to look the other way, as well as hybrid or electric cars.  In fact, women even rated UPS trucks over minivans.

As far as brand preference, many women look for men driving Fords or Chevrolets, though Porsche also made the list.  The color you select can also play a factor in how a woman perceives you when associating you with your car.  Black is the safest vehicle color choice when it comes to appealing to the ladies, followed by silver and red.

What About the Cars Women Drive?

Comparatively speaking, men do not consider a woman’s car as being as important as women do for men.  This could be due to the difference in priorities when looking for a potential partner, as women often look for men that can be solid providers, while men may focus on those who can provide the most favorable genetics.

That being said, a car that is in severe disrepair, or is in desperate need of a cleaning, may be considered a turn off to some guys.  Men do tend to favor women in sports cars, as well as sedans and SUVs.  Additionally, minivans are not generally considered the most attractive vehicle type, and neither are hybrid or electric vehicles.

Is there more to it?

The car is not the only factor being considered attractive by women when they are determining if they find a man attractive.  Other than physical appearance, women often cite confidence as a major component, as well as intelligence and a sense of humor.

If you are looking for ways to make yourself more appealing aside from with your vehicle, consider looking into programs like the Obsession Formula.  These specialty programs may offer insights into aspects that you have not previously considered, and may contain tips and techniques that you can begin trying immediately.

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