How to Spite Someone without Risking Jail Time

They say the best revenge is a life well lived.  Well, not everyone is that saintly.  Sometimes it is good to teach people a lesson when they’re constantly being jerks because some people will continue being jerks to everyone and anyone simply because no one has the guts to tell them that they are being jerks.  Bad people need to be told that their actions have consequences and that they simply cannot get away with being rude.  You probably cannot file a law suit against someone for being a jerk but there are some ways to get back at them all on your own.

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Don’t actually hurt someone physically

When getting back at someone you should remember to never actually hurt them.  When you hurt someone physically you are no better than they are and you can easily get into a lot of trouble because they can press charges which could even lead to jail time depending on the severity of the act and the lawyer they can afford.

Don’t say bad things in public or on social media

Hate speech and public shaming is just as serious an offence as physical harm.  When you say bad things about someone online or in public they can file charges and your revenge can backfire on you.

Don’t do something illegal

Don’t go as far as overstepping the laws.  You cannot frame someone for something illegal and you cannot do something illegal like steal their belongings.  You will end up being a much bigger jerk than they are.

Don’t break someone’s things

A lot of people will break the belongings of other people who are mean to them.  This is counterproductive because it only enrages these jerks even more and gives them a foot to stand on when they claim that you had what they did to you coming.

Be anonymous

One of the easiest ways to get back at someone is to be anonymous.  Send them an anonymous letter explaining to theme that they are jerks.  Stick an anonymous note on their vehicles.  Make an anonymous phone call and report them when they are doing something illegal.  Removing yourself from the picture is one of the easiest ways to stay out of trouble.

Send a glitter confetti bomb

If you aren’t afraid of getting the jerks in your life angry then confetti glitter bomb is just what you need.   These glitter mail pranks can be ordered online.  You simply log onto the Confetti Mail Bomb site. Purchase a bomb online.  Send them the personalized message that you want to include in the package. Add the jerks in your life’s names and addresses and voila!  The confetti bomb will be on its way.  When those baddies open the package, glitter will be flying everywhere and they will get your message.  With a glitter bomb you are not harming anyone physically, you are not practicing hate speech or publically shaming anyone’s name.  But you are giving someone some major payback because they will have to clean all that glitter.

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