How to Revamp Your Old Floor Lamp

There is a lot of potential in old hand-me-down items, especially if these old items are something like homeware.  There are so many wonderful ideas to revamping old furniture items into something that looks glorious and the entire revamping process is great fun!  Revamping an old floor lamp gives you two great opportunities; firstly you get the opportunity to turn something old and out of date into something useful and great looking again and secondly, you get the opportunity to let your creative juices flow!  So what are you waiting for… grab that old floor lamp that is annoying you so much and check out these ‘how to’ tips to get it revamped.

How to Revamp Your Old Floor Lamp

Check for flaws and do technical repairs

The first thing you want to do is check for flaws. Here is a quick checklist for everything on your lamp;

Bulb – Check to see if the bulb is still working.  If you cannot get a bulb that suits your lamp then you may have to consider replacing the bulb and holder, especially if you are looking for a holder that works well with modern energy saver bulbs.

Wiring – Is the writing still in order?  Open and cracked power cables can be fatal and should be replaced with new cables.

Switch – You should also check if the light switch is still working and if it is an easy to handle switch.  These are quite simple to replace.

Lamp pole – Is your floor lamp’s pole broken?  Well, that is no problem at all because here is a guide that you can check out to learn how to fix a floor lamp pole.

Respray the pole

Now that you know that the lamp is in good working condition, it is time to start the creative side of the revamping process.  If the lamp pole has a wrong color or looks bad then it is time for a respray.  Sand your entire lamp pole, buy a can of spray paint and spray it any color you like.  You may want to do a few trials before attempting your spray job because getting a smooth finish with a spray can is no easy task.

Consider decorating ideas for the lamp pole

Are you ok with just a new color or does your lamp pole need a modifications?  Well, here creativity and what you have at your disposal will play a huge role.  Your main weapon is a glue gun and your spray can because with these two items you can add any item like old toys, balls, or any other decorative item to your lamp and simply respray for a new finish and design.

Try a fun DIY project and design your own lamp shade

The lamp shade is the main feature of your floor lamp and there are so many wonderful things you can do with your lamp shade.  You can go and buy a new lamp shade, paint your old lamp shade, use modgepodge to make it more unique or even try to style up your lamp shade by adding fabric roses, fabric flowers or gorgeous silhouettes to your lampshade.

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