How to Plan a Plus Sized Wedding

A bigger family and bigger people often means bigger hears and that a lot more love is going to be shared throughout the wedding.  The one thing that plus sized people and plus size families have that others don’t is the fact that they are much more willing to take hands, accept flaws and seek out the joy in life.  If you are planning a plus sized wedding then be in for a great treat because your wedding is going to be some of the most fun and wacky weddings out there and you are sure to have the time of your life!

Find a big wedding for your big wedding list

Big people and big families need a lot of room.  These days there are so many simple but gorgeous wedding ideas out there and there are a lot of DIY ideas to spice up any wedding location.  If you have a big family then it is time to look for a more affordable venue that can host a lot more people.  Some of the most beautiful weddings have outdoors receptions under a large tree or next to a pond where you can add as many seats and tables as you like.

How to Plan a Plus Sized Wedding

Shop for gorgeous plus size gowns

Plus sized brides are more beautiful than ever before because there is a lot more awareness when it comes to plus sized fashion and a lot more designers who specialize in creating gorgeous outfits for plus sized ladies.  The designers of pus sized gowns know exactly how to work with fabric and dress patters to make any plus sized girl feel like a goddess on her special day.  If you want the perfect plus sized wedding then definitely have to look at some plus sized wedding gowns and bridal gowns.

Get a plus sized suit for the groom

Big guys have bigger personalities and tender hands that will care for you for the rest of your life.  Plus sized grooms look fantastic in tailor made suits that will slim down their body so they too can shine on their big day.

Entertain bigger hearts in a bigger way

A live band is the perfect way to give your extra-big wedding list something to watch throughout the wedding.  There are plenty of local bands in each area who would love an opportunity to earn some cash or let others hear their songs and your wedding is just the occasion to do so.  Skip out on the regular DJ method and hire a personal band so you can entertain your big family in a big way.

Spend on the caterer instead

A wedding is the one occasion where people can indulge a bit and cheat on their strict diets so when you are considering your menu for plus sized families, doesn’t worry about diets.  Let your family and friends have a blast and let them fill their bellies with delicious meals.  After all, a wedding doesn’t happen every day.  You can also get your caterer to create a big fat wedding cake so you and your guests can be as sweet as possible and make the most out of your special day.

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