How to Pick Compression Wear?

Surely you’ve heard people talking about various active gear. If you aren’t a serious athlete though, you might not understand all this newfangled equipment and verbiage. Not to worry. We’re going to explain all you need to know about compression wear and its purposes.

Believe it or not, compression garments are not just for athletes. They are also used in the medical field. But before we delve into the specifics, let’s define the concept behind compression wear.

Compression wear provides stabilization for your muscles. It puts restrictions on your muscles for the purpose of preventing damage and maintaining the natural alignment. The fabrics that are used to accomplish these goals are quite unique.

In the medical arena these garments are designed to prevent blood clots and maintain properly functioning circulation. You can often find them in plastic surgery office catalogues and in hospitals as they are frequently used after operations for the purposes previously mentioned.

How to Pick Compression Wear?

Types of Compression Wear

Now that you have some understanding behind the purpose of compression wear. You are probably wondering what the attire options are. If you’re not in need of compression gear for medical purposes then there are a number of truly stylish pieces here. These garments are at the top of the compression wear list:

  • Compression Shirts- Available in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless varieties these shirts decrease the friction commonly associated with looser fitting clothing. They are designed to wick sweat away from you and decrease the chance of chafing during vigorous activity.
  • Compression Socks- Graduated pressure is provided for the lower leg. The pressure generated by these socks keeps blood from pooling in the feet as it is prone to do.
  • Compression Pants- Also called tights, these garments give support where it’s needed, your leg muscles.
  • Compression Shorts- These are designed to keep you cool while participating in sweat-inducing physical activities. They warm and support muscles without limiting mobility. They come in padded forms too.
  • Compression Underwear-Generally worn under loose fitting clothing, these garments help keep the thighs firm and stable. They are often used in lieu of jockstraps thanks to comfort and diverse functionality. The difference between compression underwear and shorts is best explained by reading more here.

Compression for Ladies

We have described the athletic options and if you want to know about all the medical possibilities you can read this. However, we failed to tell you about compression wear that is beauty focused. Women are keen on the idea of compression garments because the pressure utilized in these pieces can work to shape trouble areas.

So, for women there are compression garments for the waist, legs, rear, and whole body. These pieces of attire are available from many of the higher end, well known, lingerie retailers. However, they can also be purchased at local retail shops. If the goal is to suck something in here and push it up there, compression garments are a great option.

Of course there are also athletic based compression garments for ladies. These serve the same purpose as those mentioned above. They can be used to prevent injury and aid in performance too, just like the men’s versions. Some of them have added panels and pressure points for circulation improvement. If you are still in need of further information on compression gear click this.

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