How to Pass the CPA Exam with CPAexcel

Accounting graduates and even those who are just planning to take an accounting course are dreaming to pass the licensure exam for accountants. When you have CPA after your name, it doesn’t just prove to the world how skilled and knowledgeable you are in the field of accounting, but it also makes you more valuable as a professional. Having a CPA designation also gives you a limitless of opportunities in the business field. This is the very reason why many want to pass the licensure for CPAs.

But as you know, the CPA exam is not a simple process to go through. It requires great knowledge, skills, and of course preparation. It’s not easy, but it’s still an achievable goal. And thanks to the existence of online resources and easy-to-understand review courses, such as CPAexcel, as they make the review process much easier to handle, which increases your chance to pass. If you’re preparing for you CPA exam, you would definitely want to choose CPAexcel as your review course.

How to Pass the CPA Exam with CPAexcel

What is CPAexcel?

A CPAexcel is a review course that helps prepare students and graduates pass the CPA exam. It has a powerful learning system that makes it easy for examinees to focus on their study and absorb what they have learned. It has recently been acquired by Wiley, one of the leading producers of training and educational materials in the world.

Why CPAexcel?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of CPA review courses out there, but CPAexcel is considered among the best. It’s proven to help students pass the licensure exam for CPAs, with a passing rate of 87 percent. Wiley CPAexcel offers a powerful learning system with easy-to-understand courses and materials that help you better prepare for the exam. Each lesson is broken down into smaller subsections, which typically take as little as 30 minutes each to study, making it much easier for you to learn, absorb, and retain information. Each subsection includes the following:

  • Study Text
  • Flashcards
  • Proficiency Questions
  • Exam Questions
  • Task-Based Simulations

The great thing about this course is that after you finish studying the reading materials, you get an opportunity to review your skills by taking the included questions and exams that look like the real one. At the end of the test, Wiley CPAexcel grades your performance and gives you a summary of your test results. It also provides you details of which topics you did well, and which ones you need to review again.

And the best thing about Wiley CPAexcel is that it has no expiration date. Once you purchase it, you’re free to access it anytime, anywhere you like it, and all upgrades and updates are also free until you have passed. And after you pass the CPA exam, you will also be given one more year unlimited access.


If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective CPA review course, then Wiley CPAexcel is definitely a great choice. This program is specifically designed for students and accounting graduates who prefers to self-study or have very busy schedules.

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