How to Make Compost When You Have a Tiny Garden

Compost can do a lot for your garden and for your garden pots.  When you use compost your plants become much more vibrant and healthier.  They can withstand a lot more punishment from nature such as harsh sunrays and cold winters and they grow much better in limited space.  Good quality compost is an absolute must for tiny gardens because you can plant a lot more plants in a smaller area and you can use potted plants all over your garden to make the most out of your small space.

DIY compost makers and heaps

It is quite easy to make compost and you should be able to find all the ingredients you need for your compost in your garden and around your house.  There are also plenty of DIY compost maker ideas although most DIY compost makers are hardly suitable for small gardens since they are often smelly and messy looking.  You could build your own tumbler but the process is quite difficult and often more expensive than buying a readymade tumbler. If you want to have a beautiful tiny garden easily then you should buy a good quality compost maker.

How to Make Compost When You Have a Tiny Garden

The best compost maker for tiny gardens

The compost tumbler by Envirocycle is the best compost maker for tiny gardens because it is easy to use and you can create the best quality compost in even the smallest of back yards with limited amounts of plant sources.  The Envirocycle tumbler has a beautiful design and is quite hassle free when it comes to compost making.  The tumbler also helps speed up the process of compost making a lot.  It is the perfect compost tumbler for small gardens because you can store it out of site easily and you can make compost throughout the year.

Basic ingredients for compost

Basic compost requires only four major ingredients;

Dry plant sources – You can rake up some leaves and twigs in your garden and add soft woods like newspapers, hardboard or sawdust.

Green plant sources – Add all of your leftover raw veggies such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, potato peelings and more. You can also add fruits and fruit peelings.

Manure – Cow or goat manure is mostly processed plants and is terrific for your compost since the manure is already halfway turned into compost.

Water – You should keep your compost tumbler moist but never soak it.  When compost is too dry the process is slowed down and if it is too wet you could end up with rotted plant materials instead of good quality compost.

Improve the quality of your compost with specific ingredients

While you are only making tiny amounts of compost at a time you should ensure that the compost you make is of excellent quality.  The better the quality of your compost the more your plants will be able to benefit.  Some terrific compost ingredients that are sure to speed up your composting process and produce higher quality compost includes; coffee and coffee grinds, sawdust,  newspapers, cow or goat manure, left over organic foods, earthworms and more.  By adding these ingredients you can create more compost much more affordably.

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