How to Keep Your Family from Arguing About TV

One of the most difficult situations that almost all families deal with is arguments about TV what to watch on TV.  It may seem like a silly topic to single individuals but parents will be able to tell you all about the struggles involved in solving the great TV arguments.  Siblings will throw terrible temper tantrums, fight, scream and perhaps even assault one another physically in order to watch their favorite shows.  These arguments can be exhausting to parents who have to constantly battle to keep the peace.  And it is even worse when parents also want to watch something that they prefer.  Here are some great tips on how to keep your family from arguing about TV.

How to Keep Your Family from Arguing About TV

Find a good show that everyone will love

Finding a good show that everyone will love is quite hard.  Each person in a family has a different opinion, different taste and different likes.  People tend to prefer shows where they can associate with the characters and situations in the show.  7th Heaven is a great TV show to consider if you are looking for something that all of your children and you will enjoy.  Stephen Collins plays the role of Eric Camden, a reverend and father of seven children who constantly struggles to keep his family happy and to help them deal with all the difficult situations in their lives.  This is a great show for your family because there are family members of all ages that deal with situations to which you and your children can relate.  7th Heaven was popular until 2007 but can still be seen on online TV shows.

Set clear TV rules

Set some clear rules about times your children are allowed to watch TV, shows that they are not allowed to watch and shows you prefer them to watch.  It is important to always stick to these rules so your kids will accept these changes instead of arguing with you.

Give turns to decide what to watch

No one likes to be bullied out of their favorite show all the time.  Draw up a schedule and allow each family member a chance to choose what to watch when it is their turn.  It is important to make it clear that no one is to interfere with the deciders decisions regarding shows so they don’t pick fights when it is not their turn.

Get more than one TV

If nothing seems to work then it might be wise to get more than one TV set for your home.  With more than one TV set you are much more likely to solve arguments.  Online TV is a great solution for more than one TV set because you and your kids can select what you want to view, when you want to view it.

Sell the TV

TV addictions can be terrible and can result in obesity and poor school performance. If you cannot solve TV arguments or limit TV time then it might be time to sell the TV set and rather invest in good books and family board games.


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