How to Handle Parenting and Sprocket Manufacturing

You are in the business of big metal fabrication. Your days are spent working with gear shaped sprockets that can do little when on their own. So, when you go home to rambunctious children that also can do little on their own, it is no wonder that you’re tired. You are probably struggling to learn how to handle parenting and sprocket manufacturing.

If kids were made up of sprockets and gears you could just adjust their components as they age and thereby make life considerably easier. However, they are not and you must teach and train them accordingly. That means getting the best potty when it’s time to toilet train them. This is a major milestone and it is essential to their growth as healthy individuals. Make sure you pick the potty that is best suited for their needs and gender. And then, utilize these other life hacks to make parenting a little easier on your back and brain. After all, the sprockets can almost make themselves, but your kids can’t.

How to Handle Parenting and Sprocket Manufacturing

Life Hacks for Super Tired Parents

Potty training is a challenging time. So, making sure you have equipped your bathrooms with the appropriate potty seats is very important. However, there are other things you can do as a parent to make life easier for you and the kids. We would like to present these 8 life hacks for super tired parents so that you can do all your sprocket work in peace. Check these out:

  1. Get a lint roller. These are great tools for clean ups whenever you let the little ones experiment with beads and glitter.
  2. Add magnets to plastic cups. If you’re tired of finding cups everywhere, or having to constantly wash more cups than you have kids, this is the answer. Get each child his/her own cup, add magnets to it and stick it to the fridge. They will be required to use that cup only. Get some more ideas here.
  3. Putting shoes on. If your kids are constantly putting their shoes on the wrong feet, cut a sticker in half. Stick the left side in the left shoe and the right where it belongs. This will give kids a visual indication of which shoe goes where.
  4. Cartoon underwear. This is a great potty training hack. Use their favorite characters as an incentive to stop wearing diapers.
  5. Use feminine hygiene pads. Another potty training hack. Pads are absorbent and can catch those about-to-have-an-accident moments. Plus, if the accident occurs it will be less of a mess.
  6. Get off the pacifier. We recommend avoiding them entirely, but if you must, this is a great way to move past them as your kid ages. Start cutting a little bit off the end each time it gets used until it is too small to remain.
  7. Parking pal magnets. Put these on your car where your kids can reach them. Instruct them to keep their hands on the magnet while you load and unload the car so that they don’t wander. Learn more.
  8. Indoor pool. Don’t get too excited, this is an inflatable means of keeping the wee ones contained. Put it in your play room or living room, throw in some toys and then add children. As long as they are too little to climb out, this is a great idea.

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