How to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite- the sworn enemy of women all over the world, can show up in the most pretentious places in the body. Be it on your inner thighs, underneath your buttocks, belly or even arms, cellulite finds a way to sneak into our skin. It causes us great distress when it comes to wearing our favourite strapless gown, swimwear or even gym shorts. What’s worse is that as you grow older, the appearance of cellulite becomes more pronounced; causing embarrassment and disappointment. If one asks any woman what she would like to change about herself, we are pretty sure that getting rid of cellulite would be one of their answers. Many are seen searching through the web for cellulite cream reviews in order to read up on them, so how do you get rid of cellulite? We are here to help!

How to get rid of cellulite

Understanding cellulite

Before exterminating the sworn enemy of your bikini body, let us first understand what cellulite exactly is. Cellulite is nothing but accumulated fat underneath your skin. Unlike normal fat in other parts of the body, cellulite accumulates in an uneven way, causing the skin to have a dimpled or rugged appearance.

This fat mainly pushes its way up your connective tissues, hence, its uneven appearance. In medical science, different types of cellulites are termed as gynoid lipodystrophy, dermopanniculosis deformans or adiposis edematosa. The arms, thighs, belly, and the buttocks are the most common places where cellulite might form. To get started on your intense cellulite busting regime, check out some cellulite cream reviews and do your research thoroughly.


Contrary to popular belief, obesity is not the sole reason for the formation of cellulite in one’s body. However, sudden weight loss increases the elasticity of the skin, and as a result, the appearance of cellulite becomes prominent. Then there is the fact that many of us slack off on exercise and have a slow metabolism rate.

Sudden urges to crash-diet after noticing some disturbing cellulite appearance should be controlled, that kind of dieting does more harm than good. And for those moments, cellulite creams always come in handy. If all else fails, blame it on your genes, as it is likely to get cellulite if it has been passed on through the generations in your family.

Quick fixes

Nowadays, there are various cellulite creams in the market, and reading up on some of the reviews on the internet helps you to choose a cream that is tailor made for your needs. The main ingredient of most cellulite creams is caffeine and a few more natural exfoliating agents. Dry brushing your skin in the shower regularly also helps, as it reduces the appearance of cellulite noticeably.

Long term solutions

Liposuction can be a good solution for those who are clinically obese. Mesotherapy is great too, but has risks of infection and swelling of the skin. A visit to the spa for some treatments specialized for cellulite problems can help improve things. For some heavy duty cellulite busting, laser can be a durable and long lasting solution, albeit costly.

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