How to Create a Survival Kit for Camping

Camping trips are meant to be challenging and wild.  If you aren’t planning on having a rough adventure time then you might as well book into a holiday resort instead. A good, rough camping trip will do a lot for your physical and mental health and will give you some terrific stories to share with friends and family. Survival kits are a must for your camping trip.  With a survival kit you can get out of any terrible situation much easier and you can make a lot of the basic tasks involved in camping a lot simpler.  And of course you can survive all the obstacles and challenges that nature throws your way while you enjoy your camping trip.  Here is how to pack the perfect survival kit for camping;

Pack for the terrain

Different terrains and seasons will require different safety gear.  If you are going camping in the winter then some warm wear is also an essential.  If you are packing for rainy terrains, include a raincoat.  If you are camping out in summer remember to add some insect repellent.

Get a backpack

Trunks are great for keeping your survival kit safe and secure but they are hard to carry around with you while you explore the world.  Get a good quality waterproof backpack for your trip so you can move around easier and be more flexible.

How to Create a Survival Kit for Camping

Get the right survival tools for your backpack

You should choose your tools carefully because they can end up weighting you down if you choose wrong.  Only choose the most essential items that you can use for more than one purpose.  The top tools that should be in your survival kit are;

Axe – A good axe can help you clear up paths, chop firewood, discard dangerous creatures and make objects that you might need on your trip.  It might be wise to check out some axe reviews because there are lots of different types of axes to choose from.   You need a good, sturdy axe that is small enough to fit comfortably in your backpack but light enough for long journeys.

Utility knife – Utility knives can enable you to repair, untie, loosen, open or cut anything that you need to cut which is why this is a must for any survival kit.

Rope – With rope you can do so much.  You can set a trap, secure your food by hanging it in a tree, use it for laundry or build a shelter.

Fishing kit – If you can catch your own food you can lighten your load a lot by simply investing in a mini fishing kit.

Fire making kit – Fire is a must for signaling, cooking and for heat.  With a fire making kit you can make fire anywhere you need to.

Torch – Light in the dark can save you from creatures and creditors.  Get a good head torch and stay safe on your trips.

Add a first aid kit

A first aid kit should also be added to your survival kit or any camping kit for that matter.  Accidents happen all the time and if you are camping you are far from doctors and hospitals.

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