How to Clean Your Furniture

You know that when you clean your furniture especially if they are made by Juan Pablo Molyneux, you should do it properly otherwise it will decrease the furniture’s appeal and beauty. When you are about to clean just one furniture at a time, it will not seem so hard but what if you have to clean a lot of furniture in a limited amount of time? Remember that when it comes to cleaning your furniture, you should not hassle yourself too much. As long as you would do regular dusting and vacuuming and you will do some deep cleaning from time to time, you will be able to maintain your furniture properly. The type of cleaning you are going to do will depend on the type of furniture that you have. For example, if you have furniture that is upholstered, you would need to vacuum it at least once a week. Upholstered furniture may acquire a lot of dust even if you would wash and clean the covers. When you vacuum it regularly, you are eliminating the amount of dust that can be found in the furniture. Removing dust will also minimize the possibility of increasing the amount of allergens that are available. How to Clean Your Furniture Here are some of the things that you can do to clean your furniture properly:

  • Check if there are some cleaning instructions usually placed on the furniture. For example, there are some that can only be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner while there are also some that can only be cleaned with the use of soap and water. If in case the furniture requires that it will only be cleaned by a professional, then follow the instructions because there is a good reason for this.
  • You can also create your very own solvent. Do you know that using dish detergent can be used to clean your furniture? The dish detergent that you are going to use should be made of liquid and not powder. Add a bit of baking soda too in order to decrease the amount of odor that may come up while you are cleaning your furniture.
  • If you are going to clean leather furniture, there may be some special cleaning items that you can use in order to clean it properly. Leather furniture also need to be vacuumed in order to remove dust on the furniture.
  • If you have wooden furniture, knowing the finish will help you determine what type of cleaning you are supposed to do. For example if the furniture is painted on, there is an appropriate cleaning method for that. If the wood has not been stained, using soap and water to clean it will not be too useful.
  • Apply wax on wooden furniture. If you want to improve the overall finish of your wooden furniture, you may do this by applying the right type of wax on your furniture. Remember that you may need different types of cloth to make it effective.

There are still other things that you can do to clean your furniture properly. Can you share some of your tips to clean too? Feel free to share through the comments that you can leave below.

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