How to Choose the Right Bird Feeder

Are you trying to find the right bird feeder that you can use to feed the wild birds that may go to your garden from time to time? You have to remember that there are different bird feeders that are available so you have to choose the one that will best the type of bird that you would like.

Get to Know the Various Feeder Types

You have to remember that there are various feeder types that are available. You may choose to have feeders that can hold various seeds that can be taken by birds. There may be various seeds that birds can eat different types of seeds.

  • Tube Feeder – This is the type of feeder that can hold a lot of seeds of different sizes. This is known to be good for mixed seeds.
  • Window Mount Food – If you would want to place larger seeds like sunflower seeds and various mixed seeds for birds that are a bit bigger than usual, you can be sure that this can be the best feeder available.
  • Wire Tube Feeder – If you would like to hold some small bird seeds that will also be perfect for small birds, you know that this is also a good feeder that you can have. This may be best for birds that are bigger in size as the feeder can accommodate larger birds.
  • Unshelled Peanut Tube Feeders – If you plan on placing some unshelled peanuts then you can place various unshelled peanut. This type of tube feeder usually has large holes. This can feed birds of various sizes.
  • Platform Feeders – This is the type of feeder that you can use so that you can use any type of seeds that you would like to place. You know that you will be able to dispense various types of feeds without any problems.

Bird Feeder

Choosing a Feeder Based on the Bird

There is a big chance that you would like to have a feeder that you can use specifically for a certain bird. If you would like to have a feeder that is meant for hummingbirds then you would have to search for the right hummingbird feeder. If you would like to have a feeder meant for cardinals, there are a lot of bird feeders for Cardinals that are available. You just have to choose the right one for you.

Going Green

There may be instances when you would like to make use of bird feeders that are good for the environment so that you know that you will not be contributing to the waste that may be causing the various changes in the environment. You have to remember to research about the various natural feeders that you can use natural items that can still be considered as biodegradable to make it good for the environment.

Now that you know the various things that you can do with the use of a bird feeder remember that choosing is just one of the first steps that you should take. There are still a lot more details that you have to consider before you actually make the right choice.

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