How To Choose A Camcorder

With the recent age, there are many camcorders in the market and it might get confusing which one to choose. The truth is that some smartphones work better than some camcorders in terms of quality of the footings. If you are looking out for a camcorder, the most important factors to keep in mind are its features. You should consider the following features:

Flip-out LCD

Even though this is common in many camcorders, it is not present in all of them for example it is not present in action cams. The flip out LCDs also come in different aspect ratios with some being wider than others. There are some models that have touch screen LCDs to provide more convenience when using it.  You should however note that even though the LCD is easier to use than an eyepiece viewfinder, LCD uses batteries faster and hence cannot provide a long recording time.

How To Choose A Camcorder

Image stabilizer

This is meant to reduce shaking and noise while you are doing your recording. An image stabilizer can either be electronic, optical or both. You can however increase more stability by using a tripod which will ensure there is no shaking by any chance.

Full Auto switch

This is where the camcorder automatically adjusts its settings in terms of color balance, shutter speed, focus and aperture. It saves you the hustle of changing the settings manually especially if you are a newbie. It may go by different names depending on the brand that you are using.


This is a feature where you can adjust to get maximum sharpness. Some models however only have manual focus.


This is a feature that can help you narrow or widen the view. It is what makes a camcorder better than a mobile phone no matter how good the phone is. Most camcorder will have a switch for zooming and the degree of zoom will depend on how hard you press the button. Zoom can either be optical zoom or digital zoom. Optical zoom relies on optical lenses and is normally in form of optical zoom ratio which can range from 10:1 to 50:1. Digital zoom is one that is used to extend the zoom range to 400:1 or more though the quality may not be as high as in optical zoom.

3D Capability

Some camcorders have the ability to shoot in 3D either photos or video. In order to capture 3D, the camcorder will capture two different images to represent different perspectives of different eyes. The different images will then be combined to form a 3D image which can be seen by special glasses.


There are many camcorder brands in the market but nothing beats the Sony hxr-mc50u. AS we all know, Sony has been a pioneer in the manufacture of camcorders and therefore they are well known for making good camcorders that will not disappoint you. The camcorder is loaded with features that will take your recording to the next level. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

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