How to Become a Travel Agent

The internet is making it possible for more and more people to start working from home as freelancers.  One of the best freelancing jobs that you can excel in is becoming a travel agent who plans trips on behalf of businesses, families, organizations and groups.  Traveling takes a lot of organizational skills and planning which is why there is such a great market for this terrific freelancing position.  You can easily make a terrific salary by planning affordable trips for all of your clients that they would never be able to do for themselves.

Top benefits of becoming a travel agent

Being a travel agent is terrific because you can work flexi hours, earn a salary from home and you can turn your travel agent position into a full travel company one day.  But one of the biggest benefits is that you could score the occasional trip by planning trips for large groups of people and acting as their guide for the trips which will enable you to see the world for free!

How to Become a Travel Agent

Study tourism and travel planning

A degree in tourism is not essential for becoming a travel agent but it is always good to have proper qualifications because studying teaches you everything you need to know about how to plan trips and having the right education is terrific for if you want to expand your services into a business one day.

Get experience in planning trips

It can be tough to figure out how to plan trips and especially how international visas and traveling arrangements work on your own.  The best way to learn how to be a travel agent quickly and how to plan trips is to work for a travel agency for a while.

Find a way to book cheap flights

Flights are often the most expensive part of the entire journey.  You need to figure out a way to get cheap flights for your clients so you can make a better commotion on the journeys and provide your clients with cheaper flight.  DiscountMyFlights is definitely one of the best flight websites that you simply must check out when you want to become a travel agent because they have an easy to use platform that allows you to seek out all of the best airlines, discounts and tariffs for flights instantly.  With this terrific site you can book discounted flights to any destination in the world and enjoy much cheaper flights all year round.

Build contacts

While you are gaining experience in the travel industry you should try to build as many contacts with guesthouses, hotels, bed and breakfasts and transportation companies because when you earn the trust of these contacts they will give you good discounted rates for continuously using their services.

Market yourself

A good marketing campaign is an absolute must whether you are operating as an individual travel agent or as a company.  You should try to get your name heard by all major companies in your area and build a good social media page and website which your clients can use to find you easily.  You should also strive to deliver nothing but the best service for clients because word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote yourself with large firms.

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