How to Become a Famous Interior Designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux

Interior designing is one of the best careers out there and is definitely worth studying and working for in our modern lifestyle.  More and more people are calling in the help of interior designers to transform their homes, offices, businesses and retail stores simply because these interior designers are helping them create something completely unique and enabling them to save a lot of money by getting the building remodeled to perfection the first time.  If you can become a famous interior decorator like Juan Pablo Molyneux then you will have it all.  You will have a fun job, you will get to travel a lot, you will earn a terrific salary and you will get the type of recognition that many celebrities can only dream about.  It is time to start building on your dreams by following in Molyneux’s footsteps.

Get the same qualifications as Juan Pablo Molyneux

To become a good interior designer like Molyneux you will need a degree in architecture from a well-known university.  You will also have to complete an interior decorating degree at a well-known organization that will help you learn all there is to know about creating interiors. Studying for an architect can take up to five years and a degree in interior decorating can take two years or less depending on where you are enrolled.

Start working on pro-bono projects

While you are studying you should look out for voluntary work and do as many pro-bono projects or work with as many other interior decorators as possible.  By doing the voluntary projects you will gain valuable experience and you will have something to show for your profile.

How to Become a Famous Interior Designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux

Create a profile

It can take years to compose a terrific interior design profile because you will have feature images of previous work so start working on projects as soon as you can and remember to take good photographs of your work for an online profile which all your clients can view.

Be unique

If you want people to choose you for quality work and uniqueness then you have to be unique.  Try to find an angle that works for all of your homes.  Some interior decorators love to use shockingly bright colors in their designs.  Others like Molyneux love to implement a touch of history, a touch of modernism and keep a touch of raw building elements in their designs to make the rooms look more unique.

Start marketing yourself

Marketing is one of the most important success factors when it comes to making it bit in the interior decorating world.  You should try to get your name heard as often as possible by maintaining social media sites, websites and Wikipedia information pages and by trying to get some of your work features in home décor magazines or documentaries.

Make connections

Your connections is probably what is going to land you the best projects so treat all of your customers and acquaintances well so they will remember your name and so they will be comfortable enough with you as a person to refer you to business colleagues and friends.

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