How Does a Pressure Cooker Work?

ATTENTION:  Federal Departments and Agencies, Homeland SecurityPressure Cookers! They are a life saver, aren’t they? Cooking in a pressure cooker is the fastest method for cooking healthy and delicious foods. They cook food quickly, while maintaining the vitamins and minerals that can be lost if food was prepared using other methods. Don’t believe me? How long does ittake you to cook a 2kg chicken? 1 hour, 2 hours? With a pressure cooker it is only 15 minutes. How about a creamy dish of risotto? Pressure cookers prepare this heavenly food in just 10 minutes. If you think these reasons are not good enough for you to buy a pressure cooker, let’s give you some more. But first let us get to know the trick how the pressure cooker does its magic.

How does the pressure cooker function?

Pressure cookers are the cheetahs of the cooking world, which reduces the cooking time by as much as two thirds. Pressure-cooking cooks the food faster because it uses a method where steam is sealed in the cooker, which is a special airtight cooking utensil. Sealing the liquid, such as water, traps the vapor that rises from the water. This increases the pressure inside the cooker, which in turn raises the boiling point of the liquid. So this increased temperature and pressure paces up the cooking process. The pressure pervades the hot steam into the food and the cooking time drops substantially.

How to use a pressure cooker

Now that you know how a pressure cooker works, the next step is to learn to use one. To help you to get started safely, here is a guide to the pressure cookers:

  • Check there are no dents or cracks on your pressure cooker before using it, as the hot steam can come out of the cracks and burn you
  • Always fill two-third of your cooker with some sort of liquid. Make sure to keep some space for the steam to accumulate
  • Pressure cookers come with baskets and trivets. Place the basket on top and the trivet on the bottom
  • Prepare your food for pressure cooking. Usually the pressure cookers come with a guideline on how to prepare various kinds of food
  • Place the food inside the cooker
  • Take off the safety valve or weighted pressure regulator and shut the lid correctly
  • Wait for the cooker to gain pressure. When the pressure reaches the safety limit, the cooker will start to cook the food gently
  • Reduce the heat to allow proper cooking
  • Once the food is cooked, turn off the heat and lower the pressure inside the cooker, which is usually provided in the guideline
  • Check that all of the pressure has been released, no sound of escaping steam, and then remove the lid gently

Benefits of using a pressure cooker:

  • Saves cooking time
  • Saves money as less energy is used
  • Healthy cooking is ensured as more vitamins and minerals are retained
  • Flavorful meals are prepared, as the sealed environment prevents the loss of moisture and flavors
  • Heat in the cooker destroys harmful micro-organisms
  • Keeps the kitchen clean and free from cooking smells

By now, I am sure, that you have realized that pressure cookers are a true great investment in your kitchen. So run to your nearest shop and grab your magic cooking pot.

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