Have a Small Car? These Outdoor Sports Don’t Require a Lot of Equipment

Being able to transport your sporting equipment is important to anyone who becomes dedicated to an activity.  Having a small car can make it seem more difficult to get the gear you need from point A to point B, especially if you are also trying to transport your family.  If you are looking for a sport that doesn’t require a lot of stuff in order to participate fully whether you are going out on your own or with your children in tow.


Tennis requires very little equipment in order to participate.  You can get by with some rackets, tennis balls, and appropriate eye protection, if necessary.  Otherwise, you simply need comfortable clothes and shoes, and possibly some sunscreen.  Fitting a set of tennis rackets into a trunk is pretty easy, and a tube of tennis balls takes up very little space.  Otherwise, the rest of your car can be dedicated to moving players to and from the courts.

Have a Small Car? These Outdoor Sports Don’t Require a Lot of Equipment

Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer

If you have access to a basketball court, volleyball court, or a soccer field, all you need to bring along for equipment is a ball.  This can make it an ideal choice for a family that wants to be able to play together, but doesn’t have the room to transport a lot of equipment.  Even if a field doesn’t have soccer goals, bringing along some small orange cones can simulate the width of a goal without taking up much room.  An open space can also work for volleyball, as long as you mark where the net would be located.  If you don’t want to simulate a soccer or volleyball game, drills can be done in almost any open space.

Baseball and Tee Ball

Casual baseball or tee ball games can be pulled together with only a few basic pieces of equipment.  A quality baseball bat, like the Demarini CF7, takes up very little room in a trunk, and a few baseballs can be placed in a small backpack.  A tee ball tee is often not much bigger than a bat with a base stuck on the bottom, making it very convenient for families with younger children.  Otherwise, some gloves can be easily transported, either in a bag or loose in the trunk.  If you want to play it safe, you can even bring in a few helmets without requiring a lot of space.

Track Events

For a sport that requires no equipment except the clothes on your back, track events can be an excellent option.  You can choose to participate in sprints or long distance runs on any available track.  Certain field events, such as the long jump, don’t require any additional equipment either, though a long jump pit may not be available at all locations.


Another great sport that doesn’t require much equipment is swimming.  If you prefer not to travel in your bathing suit, all you will need is a bag to carry your suits in (and to store your regular clothes in while you swim), and you are set.  If you want to bring some other fun pieces, like balls, floats, or items that you can dive for, you can find many options that can be easily fit in any small vehicle.  You may even be able to bring a small cooler to keep snacks and drinks by your side.

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