Don’t Let Your Small Car Hold You Back From Your Favorite Activities

Just because you own a smaller car that does not mean you can’t enjoy your favorite activities.  It also does not mean that you have to rent all of your equipment onsite for outdoor recreational activities.  By taking the time to find various compact, folding, or extendable versions of classic outdoor equipment, you can take part in your favorite past times without having to invest in a larger vehicle. If you want to own your own gear and be able to transport it all yourself, consider these options before you take on your next outdoor adventure. Don’t Let Your Small Car Hold You Back From Your Favorite Activities

Folding Mountain Bikes

Some small cars cannot support a proper bike rack, let alone fit a mountain bike inside its trunk area.  If this sounds like your problem, consider investing in a folding mountain bike.  Not only can these bikes be folded to fit in the trunk or backseat of many smaller vehicles, it can provide a ride comparable to that of its similarly priced, non-folding brethren.  They are often made of aluminum, making them fairly lightweight and easier to lift, folding mountain bikes can also offer the same number of gears, or speeds, as a traditional mountain bike.

Inflatable Kayaks

For those who prefer rivers and lakes to mountain bike paths, then an inflatable kayak might be ideal for your lifestyle.  The kayak comes deflated and folded up, allowing a person to easily pack it into most vehicles, and can be inflated once you arrive at your destination.  After your trip is complete, simply remove the air, fold the kayak back up, and stow it away so you can get it home. Inflatable kayaks, such as the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, can offer many of the same amenities of a traditional solid kayak, while taking up no more room than some folded air mattresses.  If you want to make your paddle easier to transport too, you can look for an extendable or adjustable model that can made more compact for the trip.

Compact Surfboards and Body Boards

Surfboards can be purchased in a variety of sizes, with some coming in at 5-foot 5-inches or less, providing a great solution for the surfer who cannot transport a larger board.  While some are marketed as being for beginners, shorter boards can actually be more challenging to use than some of their larger counterparts, making them an excellent way to improve your skills while you enjoy an activity you love. An alternative to a small surf board can be a body board.  While a body board is used differently, it can help provide a similar experience for those who are truly limited by their capacity for transporting larger items.

Camping Gear

A wide variety of camping gear is designed to be compact when not in use.  This can include many of the basics, like tents and sleeping bags, as well as some luxuries, like cots or portable kitchens.  Even collapsible water bottles are available for situations where you can fill them up onsite, allowing the container to be compressed while in transit, expanded while it is needed, the squished back down for the return trip. Other sporting gear may also be available in smaller sizes, or in options that can be compacted for storage and transit.  If you own a small vehicle, and haven’t explored whether your activity offers compact, collapsible, or folding options, consider taking the time to check into it today, so you can enjoy your favorite activities regardless of your car.

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