Choosing the Best Log Splitter

Since there are many types of log splitters in themarket, getting the right one may be challenging especially if you are new in the field. It is therefore mandatory that you know what to look out for when you are shoppingfor log splitter. Having the right one makes a big difference and since everyone has different needs and preference what may be best for someone else may not be necessarily the best for you.  Some of the factors that you should consider to make sure that you have the best log splitter for your needs include:

Log Splitter


The power of the machine is a very important consideration to make. As much as most log splitters use hydraulics, they differ in terms of pressure. There are also manual log splitters which are normally more powerful hence if you are looking for a powerful machine then you should opt for that. If you have more frequency in chopping wood, then a gas powered log splitter may be a good choice. As much as gas powered options are very heavy, they are relatively more expensive since they have high power. They are best suitable for those who have a large number of logs or those who work on hard types of wood. The main problem with these kinds of log splitters is that they are relatively heavier and loud. They also need frequent oil changes which may be inconveniencing.


Normally, powerful machine are normally heavier and hence portability may be a problem depending on how powerful the machine is. It is therefore an important consideration to make depending on if you will need to move the splitter around and the kind of power you will need.

If you will work with moving around from place to place, then you might consider lighterlog splitters as there are many in the market and are easy to carry and transport. The size of the engine will also influence the portability of the machine with bigger engines being less portable. The only advantage is that there are some heavier models that have wheels which make transportation very easy as they can easily be dragged around. They are however not suitable for moving over long distances.

Power sources

The source of power is an important consideration when you are looking for a log splitter especially if you are not going for a manual option. Manual options don’t rely on any power source as you will have to use your own strength to control the wedge.


Choosing the right log splitter wills save you time and effort. You should however note that splitters come in variety which includes gas, electric and manual but no one is really better than the other. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. As much as other factors are more important to consider, you should also consider the type and size of wood you will be splitting and the frequency of using the machine. That will help you to make a better informed choice.


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