Can Your Vehicle Impact Your Property Value?

While it may not seem like your vehicle can have an impact on your properties value, there are instances where it can alter a person’s perception of your property, or keep a professional from being able to successfully complete their work.  If you are assessing your property prior to a sale, consider these vehicle related tips before you proceed.

Real Estate Photographs

If you are selling your property, you will inevitably have to have photographs of it published.  The goal of most real estate photography is to make your property look as appealing as possible.  Depending on the type and condition or your car or truck, as well as the overall feel of the property, having your vehicle appear in the pictures can help or harm.

Can Your Vehicle Impact Your Property Value?

There are times where having a vehicle present can increase appeal.  If you have a large garage or RV parking, showing the vehicle in the space may help provide perspective to the photograph.  Since most people understand how large most cars and trucks are, seeing one within a space helps them determine if an area is crowded or roomy.  If you have a vehicle in the space, make sure it only reflects positively on the amount of space.  If you vehicle makes the area look cramped, then make sure it is out of the way in the photos.

If part of your sales angle is promoting a particular lifestyle, the presence of a vehicle that accompanies that lifestyle may work well.  For example, a large pickup truck on a farm or ranch property may be beneficial, but it may hurt to have one in front of a single car garage on a townhouse.  Similarly, having a boat on a lake property can be helpful, but having one in a landlocked family neighborhood may detract from the property itself.

Appraisals and Assessments

While professional appraisers, such as those available at, will not factor in the condition of your vehicles when assessing your property, they may prevent certain areas from being easily examined.  This can lead to an appraiser needing to make judgements without having the clearest line of sight.  Depending on the appraiser, some may choose to err on the side of caution based on what cannot be completely ascertained, resulting in a more conservative valuation.

The same can be said for any required inspections.  If certain areas cannot be inspected due to a car or truck being in the way, this could affect the valuation of the home, or could result in the inspector being unable to complete the necessary checks.  Not only could this delay a sale, it could also result in higher costs in order to secure a second appointment.

Potential Buyers

If your home has a real estate sign out front, potential buyers may be assessing your property even if they are not there for an official viewing.  With that in mind, it is best to make sure any cars or trucks that are not in running order, or are in general disrepair, not be front and center on the property.

Ideally, any vehicle that may reflect poorly on your property should be relocated if possible.  If you do not have access to another property of your own, consider renting a garage or storage unit.  Not only will this keep your property safe and secure, it will also keep it from accidentally detracting from your properties curb appeal.

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