Can Garages Get Moldy? You Bet They Can

As a car lover or power tool enthusiast, you likely spend a decent amount of time in your garage. But many people don’t take the time to clean and examine their garages as they do in their homes. By failing to keep up with certain tasks, or simply not examining your surfaces regularly, you may be spending time surrounded by harmful mold and not even know it.

So, what do you need to do to make sure your workshop space is mold-free? You essentially have two choices. First, you can create your garage to be a mold-resistant space. Second, you can work to clean any mold currently present and put methods in place to prevent mold growth in the future. To find out more about each approach, see the information below.


Mold-Resistant Spaces

To flourish, mold needs specific circumstances to be present. If you are building a garage from the ground up, you can actually choose materials that less likely to promote mold growth. For example, a metal building is more resistant to mold that wood and drywall.

To create a space that is naturally resistant to mold, look for all metal construction (including wall studs, siding, and support beams). A similar approach to other key pieces of equipment, such as work benches, can also help discourage mold. Additionally, you get the added benefit of the metal materials being resistant to pests along with the mold resistance.

Preventing Mold

If you purchased a home with an existing garage, or yours has been constructed for quite some time, then you need to work to prevent mold in the space. For garages that are not made of mold-resistant materials, you should begin by controlling the level of humidity in the space. Mold requires a damp environment to grow, so removing moisture from the air will help impede its growth.

Similarly, make sure air can regularly circulate through the space and keep up with any building maintenance. When possible, let sunlight into the room as well, as it can help slow mold growth as well. Though basic cleaning may not prevent mold on its own (though some products designed specifically for mold management are available), it can ensure that every surface is examined regularly, so you can more easily spot changes that could signify mold is growing in your garage.

Managing Mold

In cases where you find mold, then your first step should be to get it tested. Professional services, such as professional mold testing in Kansas City, can identify the kinds of mold that are present in the room. After the analysis, these skilled technicians can let you know exactly what is required to control the issue, including whether professional removal services are required.

Certain times of mold can be toxic, and all kinds have the potential to irritate those with certain allergies, breathing conditions, or other health concerns. By having professionals take samples for testing, you can determine whether cleaning it yourself is an option or if you should leave to someone with the required skills, knowledge, and equipment to handle the issue safely.

Once the mold has been removed from the garage, then you can begin implementing prevention efforts to avoid a recurrence. That way your shop can stay clean, and you can remain healthy while working there.

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