Open your mind, blenders can mix more than just smoothies. Make them work for you!

When you think blenders, chances are high that the first thing that comes to mind is an easy way to make smoothies. More and more people these days are thinking healthier, and what is healthier than making your own smoothies that puts you in control of your new healthy lifestyle. Smoothies are very popular and it seems that they are everywhere. It also seems that they are coming out with a new model every other day. A newer, faster model with more speeds and options. Some even heat up what you want to blend, so you can make soups. There’s the first item you can use in your blender to make something besides a smoothie. You basically know how it works, now find out the many other things besides smoothies you can use to make it work better for you.

First thing is you need to change from everyday blender buyer into your alter ego, otherwise known as Super Blender Judge! Yes, as the super blender judge, you can equip yourself with the latest information and have the power to know the best blender for one’s needs. Now that you have your information, you can see what other things you can use your blender sidekick for besides smoothies. Don’t get me wrong, smoothies are great. You’re in control of the nutrients you put in and make custom made delights to enjoy.BLENDER

How about finding something your blender can work on making for you besides your super smoothies? Use it for easy way to mix batters. Don’t stand there with a bowl and spoon and stir to the consistency you desire, use your blender. You can use your sidekick to blend pancake batter to use to take your love of pancakes and waffles to the next level. Make your own magic recipe by mixing the batter in the blender and adding bananas, or oats, even possibly add some pumpkin pie filling and invent your own special autumn blend. Not just pancakes and waffles, how about mixing up some French toast batter at the push of a button instead of whipping up those eggs by hand vigorously and still not getting the eggs totally blended and broken up.

That’s breakfast. Get a blender that heats up and make your own super soups as well. Even if yours doesn’t heat up and make it for you, you can make it work for you by mixing blends of your own for creamy deliciousness all on your own. Visit the source to check out blender reviews, then learn not just how to make warm dishes to enjoy, but also using the speeds necessary to blend the perfect sorbet or ice cream from scratch. A blender is just a simple motor with blades that you control the speed with the press of a button. When it comes to how it works, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.
You can even make your own flour by blending oats, flax seeds, whatever it may be if you want to go the totally homemade from scratch route. Super high speed blends work by spinning blades at different speeds to mix just about anything. Yogurts, dips, guacamole, spaghetti sauce, pizza crusts… the list goes on and on. So find the blender that will suit your needs best by working its spinning blades to your specifications. Take control and master it. Go forth young blender judge, the mixing blender can take you beyond smoothies by controller speeds that work for you.


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