How to Create a Survival Kit for Camping

Camping trips are meant to be challenging and wild.  If you aren’t planning on having a rough adventure time then you might as well book into a holiday resort instead. A good, rough camping trip will do a lot for your physical and mental health and will give you some terrific stories to share with friends and family. Survival kits are a must for your camping trip.  With a survival kit you can get out of any terrible situation much easier and you can make a lot of the basic tasks involved in camping a lot simpler.  And of course you can survive all the obstacles and challenges that nature throws your way while you enjoy your camping trip.  Here is how to pack the perfect survival kit for camping;

Pack for the terrain

Different terrains and seasons will require different safety gear.  If you are going camping in the winter then some warm wear is also an essential.  If you are packing for rainy terrains, include a raincoat.  If you are camping out in summer remember to add some insect repellent.

Get a backpack

Trunks are great for keeping your survival kit safe and secure but they are hard to carry around with you while you explore the world.  Get a good quality waterproof backpack for your trip so you can move around easier and be more flexible.

How to Create a Survival Kit for Camping

Get the right survival tools for your backpack

You should choose your tools carefully because they can end up weighting you down if you choose wrong.  Only choose the most essential items that you can use for more than one purpose.  The top tools that should be in your survival kit are;

Axe – A good axe can help you clear up paths, chop firewood, discard dangerous creatures and make objects that you might need on your trip.  It might be wise to check out some axe reviews because there are lots of different types of axes to choose from.   You need a good, sturdy axe that is small enough to fit comfortably in your backpack but light enough for long journeys.

Utility knife – Utility knives can enable you to repair, untie, loosen, open or cut anything that you need to cut which is why this is a must for any survival kit.

Rope – With rope you can do so much.  You can set a trap, secure your food by hanging it in a tree, use it for laundry or build a shelter.

Fishing kit – If you can catch your own food you can lighten your load a lot by simply investing in a mini fishing kit.

Fire making kit – Fire is a must for signaling, cooking and for heat.  With a fire making kit you can make fire anywhere you need to.

Torch – Light in the dark can save you from creatures and creditors.  Get a good head torch and stay safe on your trips.

Add a first aid kit

A first aid kit should also be added to your survival kit or any camping kit for that matter.  Accidents happen all the time and if you are camping you are far from doctors and hospitals.

How to Start Investing In Gold

Most people who become financially secure do so by working smartly with their money.  Learning how to invest in gold is one of the best skills that you can develop.  Gold investing is great fun, interesting and ultimately rewarding because there is no precious metal that has better growth than gold does.   Anyone can learn to start investing in gold and anyone can be successful if they just have enough patience to learn the skill and to play the market well enough.  Here is how to start investing in gold.

How to Start Investing In Gold

Learn the trade

Gold investments are simple once you understand how the concepts work but, like any other trade, you need to actually learn how to invest so you don’t end up wasting your money.  The first thing you need to do before you dish out your wallet is find out all there is to know about gold investments.  When you sign up with the website, What The Rich Invest In, you will have access to their simplified teaching methods that are easy to understand.  These teaching methods will help you understand the trade much better.

Read as much about gold trading as possible

Gold is quite diverse.  There are lots of different types of gold investments you can make and you need to find out how the entire trading process works.  Gold investing is also a constantly changing market which means you need to constantly read and listen for changes in the gold market so you can protect your investment.

Decide on your investment type

There are plenty of ways to invest in gold.  You can buy gold bullions that come in the form of gold ingots, gold bars and gold nuggets.  Gold coins are the easiest and one of the most popular gold investment types out there.  You can also choose to invest in gold jewelry or vaulted gold.  Those who do not like the physicality of gold investment can also invest in E-gold or have a shot at trade funds.  You need to decide on how you are going to invest in gold.

Create an investing strategy

No company or investment will ever be successful without a good strategy.  You should study up on gold investing strategies and create a strategy of your very own.  Your strategy can involve buying a certain amount of gold each year or month or you can increase your gold investments each year to grow your gold investments.

Look for investing opportunities

There are lots of businesses, banks and organizations that are constantly creating investment opportunities.  You can also check out some online stores where gold and gold coins are being sold on a daily basis.  It is, however best to look for reputed gold investment companies or gold investments such as gold coins that have been popular for a long time so your investment can grow steady.

Be patient

The thing about gold investing is that you have to have patience.  Gold prices escalades over the years because gold is becoming scarcer and the value of gold is slowly increasing.  You should be patient with your investments and your investing strategies should be constructed over years because time is what makes gold profitable.

The Best Ways You Can Choose Your Own Makeup

With the wide array of makeup products, brands and types that are available in the market, your tendency is to become confused about everything. What makes makeup even more disorienting is the type of makeup that women wear from season to season may also change depending on what the trends dictate. Of course, it will help if you will have a standard, every day makeup look that always looks good on you.

One of the trickiest things that you have to do is to choose the colors that will best suit you. It does not mean that just because it looked great on another person, it will already look good on you. Remember that your skin tone may be different as well as your hair color. These are two factors that may affect the colors of the makeup that you are going to wear.

The Best Ways You Can Choose Your Own Makeup

Another thing that you have to ponder on is the type of makeup that you are going to have. You need to remember that there are some makeup brands that do their testing on animals. If you do not want this, it is best to choose organic makeup from It is very likely that you will find some organic makeup brands that will have nice pigmentation and colors.

Once you have already chosen the right makeup brand to purchase, you need to know the shades that you are going to buy. You first have to know what your skin tone is. You may have a warm or cool tone. If your tone is warm, you will see that the veins that you have on your hands and near your wrist are green. If they appear more blue, then this means that you have a cool skin tone. Do not be confused with skin tone and skin color though because these are two very different things.

Now that you have found out what your skin tone is, you need to know your skin color. The usual categories are fair, medium, olive or dark but remember that there are still mini categories that you have to consider when figuring out what is your exact skin tone. If you are having a hard time, you can ask a professional to help you out. Remember that when it comes to foundation, you need to choose one that matches your skin tone perfectly. If you choose something too light, it will make you face look too white and if it is too dark, it will not blend perfectly with your skin.

Once you have chosen the right base, it will be easier to choose other colors that you are going to work with. The fun thing about makeup is that you can always be playful with it. There will be days when you will feel daring and try bright lids and fluorescent lips. At times, you are perfectly fine with neutrals. It will be up to you and your mood. Remember to have fun and sooner or later, you will find the right shades that will never fail you.

Staying Safe in a Sprocket Industry

Sprockets, as we all know, are used in a wide array of machinery. They are also made by machines in plants that work with a vast array of metals, and the chemicals that are associated therein. Therefore, staying safe in the sprocket industry is a serious endeavor. We hope to provide you with the tips necessary to protect your well-being.

And, by the way, if you are having back troubles, you should definitely consider a Round Rock chiropractor. They offer short-term, pay per visit, and affordable chiropractic services. New patients will qualify for their initial $47 exam and adjustment visit. So, don’t let those neck and back pains caused by all the hard work you do in the sprocket plant keep you aching. Pay them a visit.

Staying Safe in a Sprocket Industry

Other Ways to Keep Yourself Well

Working in a machine shop is a dangerous job. You are exposed to chemicals and a number of metal fragments that can cause you great harm. And, you are probably lifting heavy objects, while also working with machines that can cut your fingers off. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you are safe is a good idea. Here are our recommendations for that endeavor:

  • Eye Protection– Those metal shavings and chips can fly at extraordinarily fast speeds. Be sure to always wear your safety goggles (the kind with side shields) if you would like to retain your ability to see what you are doing. Read more about eye safety.
  • Hazardous Noise– The high intensity noises that abound in machine shops can contribute to permanent hearing loss. Try using a combination of ear plugs and muffs to eliminate some of the noise you are exposed to on a regular basis.
  • Footwear– Those metal chips are often razor sharp, and the metal you are using to make sprockets can come in excessively heavy stock. You don’t want to cut your foot, or severe it by dropping something too heavy on it. Therefore, steel toed boots are highly advisable.
  • Dust Masks- When you are grinding metal, the dust can enter your lungs. Or, if you are using metals like zinc, that require boiling, the toxic fumes that are produced could also enter your lungs. This is why it is always a good idea to invest in, and wear, a really good respirator. For help picking the proper respirator read this.
  • Lifting– Don’t try to lift things that are too heavy by yourself. Make sure you follow all the proper lifting procedures like using your leg muscles instead of your back (that will help with your chiropractic needs too), and bending at the knees with your back straight.
  • Electrical Safety– If you ever have to repair or adjust the machines you use, please ensure that they have been unplugged prior to beginning the procedure. If you can’t unplug the machine, turn it off at the circuit breaker. And, let everyone else know to leave the machine in the unplugged position while you work on it.
  • Tool safety– Always use the shields as directed. Make sure you have the proper lighting. Know what you are doing before you begin using a new machine. Never wear clothes that are torn or can get caught in the machine. And don’t forget your gloves!

If you need more help adhering to proper safety procedures in your sprocket plant, or other machine shop, you can follow the link to learn more.

Using Thermal Imaging for Mechanical and Home Repairs

A thermal camera provides you a way to see heat as visible light. While the original use of the technology was for military purposes, thermal imaging can also help with a number of common repairs many people make during their lives. If you want to know how thermal cameras can help you complete your maintenance tasks, here are a few examples.

Overheating Components

One of the best applications of thermal imaging is to identify overheating issues in certain components. Whether you are working on a vehicle, building, or piece of equipment, being able to see where the heat is coming from can be incredibly helpful. Devices like the Seek thermal camera make it easy to see where the source of the problem is locating and can speed up repair efforts through simpler identification of trouble spots.

Using Thermal Imaging for Mechanical and Home Repairs

Faulty Insulation

For those working in the construction or HVAC fields, being able to see heat leaking through faulty insulation can help pinpoint systemic inefficiencies. It can indicate when ductwork needs to be repaired or replaced, as well as when the insulation around certain components has become ineffective. When used outside of a building, you can identify any points along exterior walls that may have insufficient coverage as well as easily see drafts caused by windows or doors that are no longer sealing properly. All of these uses can be included as part of a home energy audit to ensure your home is as efficient as possible.

Electrical Hazards

Loose wires and other electrical issues often produce excess heat. Since these components may be difficult to inspect by simply looking them over, you can use a thermal imaging camera to identify any points that appear to be producing excessive amounts of heat. Often, excess heat is a sign of a potential problem including potential fire hazards.

Drywall Patching

While it might not be obvious initially, thermal imaging can help you identify sections of drywall that have previously been patched. Patches don’t automatically indicate a problem, but it can provide evidence of prior issues that affected the building. For example, water damaged drywall must often be replaced. If only a small area was damaged, a patch might be used instead of replacing all of the surrounding drywall. Even though the issue may now be resolved, it can be helpful to know where issues occurred should signs begin to show that there may be a problem.

Clogs and Leaks

Another unexpected use of thermal imaging is to discover clogs and hidden leaks in your plumbing. Areas holding hot water will show up clearly on thermal cameras, providing indications regarding the source of particular plumbing issues. This can help you determine which method may be required to unclog the pipe or fix the leak without having to purchase other equipment or try a variety of solutions until one finally works.

Emergency Uses

Thermal imaging can help identify hidden fires when smoke prevents them from being easily seen by those on scene. They can also help identify people in other scenarios where visibility to compromised, such as search and rescue operations after dark.

Artistic Uses

While not related directly to maintenance, some photographers have chosen to explore the beauty of thermal imaging. If you are looking for unique, custom artwork, consider taking your thermal camera for a spin and see what kinds of images you can capture. If you enjoy the results, then you may have found yourself a new hobby.

How to Spite Someone without Risking Jail Time

They say the best revenge is a life well lived.  Well, not everyone is that saintly.  Sometimes it is good to teach people a lesson when they’re constantly being jerks because some people will continue being jerks to everyone and anyone simply because no one has the guts to tell them that they are being jerks.  Bad people need to be told that their actions have consequences and that they simply cannot get away with being rude.  You probably cannot file a law suit against someone for being a jerk but there are some ways to get back at them all on your own.

Ways to Say Goodbye to the Jerks in Your Life When You Move To Utah

Don’t actually hurt someone physically

When getting back at someone you should remember to never actually hurt them.  When you hurt someone physically you are no better than they are and you can easily get into a lot of trouble because they can press charges which could even lead to jail time depending on the severity of the act and the lawyer they can afford.

Don’t say bad things in public or on social media

Hate speech and public shaming is just as serious an offence as physical harm.  When you say bad things about someone online or in public they can file charges and your revenge can backfire on you.

Don’t do something illegal

Don’t go as far as overstepping the laws.  You cannot frame someone for something illegal and you cannot do something illegal like steal their belongings.  You will end up being a much bigger jerk than they are.

Don’t break someone’s things

A lot of people will break the belongings of other people who are mean to them.  This is counterproductive because it only enrages these jerks even more and gives them a foot to stand on when they claim that you had what they did to you coming.

Be anonymous

One of the easiest ways to get back at someone is to be anonymous.  Send them an anonymous letter explaining to theme that they are jerks.  Stick an anonymous note on their vehicles.  Make an anonymous phone call and report them when they are doing something illegal.  Removing yourself from the picture is one of the easiest ways to stay out of trouble.

Send a glitter confetti bomb

If you aren’t afraid of getting the jerks in your life angry then confetti glitter bomb is just what you need.   These glitter mail pranks can be ordered online.  You simply log onto the Confetti Mail Bomb site. Purchase a bomb online.  Send them the personalized message that you want to include in the package. Add the jerks in your life’s names and addresses and voila!  The confetti bomb will be on its way.  When those baddies open the package, glitter will be flying everywhere and they will get your message.  With a glitter bomb you are not harming anyone physically, you are not practicing hate speech or publically shaming anyone’s name.  But you are giving someone some major payback because they will have to clean all that glitter.

Sprockets and Excavation

People see the word excavation, and they are immediately drawn toward the idea of archaeology. Images of Indiana Jones pop into their heads, and they begin wondering about the Holy Grail. But this isn’t the type of excavation we are referring to. No, we are talking about the kind that is utilized to clear land for the purpose of building. Here you will learn about sprockets and excavation.

There are several sprocket styles used in the under carriages of excavation machinery. There are some that come in multiple sections that bolt to a machine’s hub. Then there are the kind that are already attached to the hub and just bolt or press onto the carriage. Some people even choose to weld the sprockets when the hubs are still intact. The machinery that uses these sprockets includes:

  • Bulldozers
  • Track loaders
  • Rubber tracked skid steer
  • Many others (find out more here)

A few of these machines will be necessary when you prepare to consider purchasing log homes in BC. Take your time determining whether you want a custom home or a standard log cabin. Ensure that your layout is exactly as you want it. Utilize the 35+ years of experience afforded you in these log cabin artisans. Then get ready to build.

Sprockets and Excavation

Steps to Building Preparation

The first, most obvious step, is buy the land you want. Make sure you get enough to fit your home and your lifestyle. The next steps are after you have gone through the purchase and closing procedures. These tips will help you prepare your land for that new log home:

  1. Blank Canvas– You are going to need to clear the space of all trees and brush that will hinder the building of your new home. And, you can’t just cut them down. You must remove the stumps as well. You need the ground to be as level as you can make it.
  2. Excavation- This is the fun side. Heavy machinery is required to get this stage in the process right. You can technically rent the machinery yourself, if you are comfortable with that type of responsibility. But, if the money is available, we would recommend hiring a contractor. Initial measurements and plans might have to be revisited based on the soil composition once you start digging. You need a strong foundation to ensure your dream log home stands firm a long time. Read this.
  3. Other Issues– Since you just bought a piece of land, chances are, you are going to need to plan for the addition of water access, sewer drainage, and electricity. These are all things that should be determined prior to constructing the house. If there is no city sewer system available, you might have to plan where to place your septic tank, drain field, and well. These things are essential to making your dream home a reality. Learn more.

Sprockets can keep the machines that are digging your foundation trenches in working order. They are necessary for the functioning of these entities. However, you will need to be onsite for the purpose of overseeing the process. Surely you don’t want people digging up trees that were going to house your garden hammock. And, if you are not there, you could wind up with a plot of land that truly is a barren blank canvas. That would destroy the ambiance of your gorgeous new log home!

Party Games You Can Play in the Car

Everyone enjoys a good party game, but few think about taking one of these and making them road-trip worthy. Playing a game while you travel can help the time pass more quickly, and can create an enjoyable experience for all involve. Don’t limit yourself by thinking the best party games can only be played when you are at home. Try these on your next road trip and see if you don’t have the time of your life.

Party Games You Can Play in the Car

Trivial Pursuit

When most people think of Trivial Pursuit, they picture the board game with the little round player pieces and pie-shaped wedges. However, there are a number of Trivial Pursuit editions that were released in travel-friendly formats. You can pick versions designed around specific movie or television franchises, such as The Walking Dead, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or Harry Potter.

The travel-friendly editions are designed for quicker gameplay, and everything is contained in a portable wedge-shaped holder. Simply stash a few editions in the car and see where the adventure takes you.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples has players using various cards to try and find the best answer combination. Each round features a judge who will decide which red card, submitted by the other players, best matches the green card they drew. After each round, another player becomes the judge, continuing through all of the players until gameplay ends. Since connections between cards can be made in a number of ways, many of which can be quite humorous, it can be a lot of fun to see what gets presented.

The only drawback to Apples to Apples is it isn’t a game the driver can play. However, they are free to enjoy the mayhem that ensues as others play around them.

Name That Tune

If you want to enjoy a game that doesn’t require any additional pieces or cards, you can play a modified version of Name That Tune. Simply use the car radio as the source, and hit the scan button until it brings up a station. Once a song plays, each person tries to guess the title and the artist. The first person with the correct answer wins that round.

Rounds can continue for as long as you want suggesting there are enough stations for you to find new music with each pass. However, this can also work with MP3 players set to shuffle, Pandora or other internet-based radio that pulls songs for you, or through satellite radio. You may need to cover the display to hide the name of the song and artists, but it can also make it easier to confirm when someone is right or wrong.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a classic activity that only requires a source story and a writing implement. A person chooses a story and has the other people in the car supply the required words to fill in specific blanks. Often, players are given a lot of flexibility to pick any kind of words, as the instructions may simply require any noun, verb, place, person, or another basic piece of information.

Mad Libs are available in a wide variety of editions. Some are very family friendly while others are targeted specifically toward adults. Depending on who else is in the vehicle, make sure you choose an appropriate storybook for the occasion.

Lock Your Keys in the Car? Helpful Tips to Get By

It happens to almost everyone at some point. Maybe you thought you put your keys in your pocket before you slammed the door, or maybe the door closed on accident with the locks already engaged. Regardless of the reason, it is a frustrating situation. Depending on whether you are home or out and about, you may feel you have limited options to manage your situation once it happens.

However, there are alternatives to calling a locksmith. Some of these must be planned in advance, while others can work in the moment. To help you survive your next car key disaster, here are some tips to get you back in the driver’s seat.

Lock Your Keys in the Car? Helpful Tips to Get By

Using Valet Keys

Some cars come with an extra key referred to as the Valet Key. Often, these keys have some form of limited use in the vehicle. Some can only open the car doors and operate the ignition, but can’t access areas like the trunk. Others can only be used for a few minutes at a time before the car automatically stops.

Regardless of the limits, these keys traditionally unlock the driver’s side door at a minimum. One way to help overcome the issue of keys locked in your car is to keep your valet key in a different location. For example, since these often do not include remote unlock buttons, you may be able to simply place it in your wallet as a backup.

If someone else has access to your home, such as a spouse or child, you can store the valet key in a drawer at home and have someone else in the family pick it up. In a pinch, you can learn how to pick a lock with a credit card, and your wallet can ultimately come to your rescue.

Alternatively, you can leave it with a friend or family member, so you always have access to an extra key during an emergency. Instead of waiting for a locksmith, you simply call them up and your key can be on its way to you.

Contact OnStar

If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar, access to your car may be a simple phone call away. Often, you call them directly, verify your account information, and have a remote signal sent within minutes. Their support line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While the service can be pricey once the free trial expires, it does offer many other features beyond simply unlocking your doors in a pinch. However, if you have locked your keys in the car a few times, paying for OnStar may be less expensive, and less of a hassle, than repeatedly calling a locksmith.

Call Your Auto Insurer

Even though this seems similar to calling a locksmith, you may have access to better pricing if you contact your auto insurer first. Some insurance packages include roadside assistance. While this isn’t the fastest way to gain access to your vehicle, it may not cost you anything to have the service provided. If you aren’t in a hurry, and you and your car are in a generally safe place, then having a bit of patience can save you money over calling a locksmith.

If your insurer doesn’t include roadside assistance, you can add policies from car clubs like AAA can fill in that gap for a nominal fee. Like OnStar, these services offer more benefits than simply unlocking your doors, so take a look and see if the whole package is worth the investment in your specific situation.

Simple Things You Can Do to Make The World A Better Place

You know that the world is vast and it holds a lot of treasures and wonders that you will not find elsewhere. It has served humans and other living things for a long period of time but it has been harmed in the process.

The world that we live in right now is not as beautiful as it used to be but it can still offer wonders that are truly a sight to behold. Even if you are just one person, it is never too late to make a big difference in the world. If you would read Foundation for Defense of Democracies, you are going to read various stories that might make you feel that the world that you live in right now is not safe for future generations but there is always that chance that if people would start doing things differently, the future of the future generations will change.

Simple Things You Can Do to Make The World A Better Place

You can always make a change if you would start from within. Sometimes, you just need a nudge to get to the right direction. Remember that when it comes to changing the world, you do not have to focus on only the environment. You can also change the world by becoming a better person.

  1. Start volunteering.

Whenever you volunteer, you are doing something out of the goodness of your heart. You are doing something that can improve the world around you. For example, if you know that you are good with children and they seem to gravitate toward you, you can start tutoring them so that they can still learn. You may also want to cook for the homeless so that they can eat their required meals every day. What you will volunteer for will be up to you.

  1. Have a positive impact on the environment.

Think of the things that you usually do. Do you like recycling? Then you can do it even better than before. You may also want to influence others to do the same thing that you are doing. You may want to start going organic. You can start growing your own food. This way, you do not have to rely on other products sold in the market that may be full of pesticides and other unwanted chemicals that may harm you eventually.

  1. Donate

Do not forget that your donations will always be appreciated. In some places where typhoons and hurricanes have just hit, people who are affected do not have the right items in order to live. Donate the right items and your efforts will be appreciated.

  1. Protect the creatures that cannot protect themselves.

If you have always loved animals then you can become an animal advocate. They are unable to protect themselves from the harm that they get from other people because humans are supposedly stronger and better. You can protect animals and help them find loving homes because all living things deserve to live well.

As long as you will set a good example to people around you, you will notice that after some time, you will also influence them to do good things that can eventually make the world a better place.